Best new board games to try out with your friends/ family this summer!

Staying indoors because of the heat? Here are our top board game recommendations to keep you entertained this summer! Prices are listed according to Amazon, 2oolameme, or h2 games.

1. Wala3a

This game is sure to spark up the night with fun. Each card has a ‘who is the most’ question and whoever is selected by the group then needs to do the dare. Get ready to put your friendship to the test and learn things about each other with this game. Players: 3+. Time: 30+ minutes. Price: LE 170.00. Easy to carry.

2. Fan Gogh

Think ‘telephone’ but with your drawing skills put to the test. There are your favorite Arabic movies, sayings, etc- as subject matter for you to imagine onto paper. Players: up to 8. Time: flexible. Price: LE 300.00.

3. Secret Hitler (2016)

A thrilling game of suspicion and false identities, Secret Hitler takes you through the battle of two teams, the liberals and the fascists. Every player gets a secret identity at the start of the game, and they need to make moves that support their team by passing either liberal or fascist laws. The challenge is in identifying who is on which team and trying to out-maneuver your opponent by passing more laws in your favor. Players: 5-10. Time: 30-60 minutes. Price: $40.00.

4. Ma Wara2 Al 3ady

A collaboration with Amira Adeeb, every page of this scrapbook-like game has an activity for you to do. However, every activity also has a twist to make the activity more challenging/fun. With a spot for your photos as well, you’ll be sure to make some memories with this game. Players: flexible. Time: flexible. Price: LE 350.00.

5. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong the board game (2014)

In this board game, the classic murder mystery is translated to tabletop. The players play as investigators along with a forensic scientist that sets up the mystery through the provided cards. However, the murderer is one of the investigators. The investigators get to brainstorm ideas on how and by who the murder was done while the murderer gets a chance to throw them off. Players: 4-12. Time: 20 minutes (can play multiple rounds). Price: $33.99.

6. Hues and Cues (2020)

Hues and Cues force you to think outside the box and test your ability to describe a color by saying its name. With over 480 colors on the board, you’ll need a rainbow of ideas to win this one. Each player gets two guesses to get the color on the cue card right. Their guesses need to be within a 3×3 square of the answer to get a point. Players: 3-10. Time: 30 minutes. Price: $20.99.

7. 7areef el 7uruf

Here’s a family-friendly option good for Arabic beginners as well! Try your best to put the letters on the dice into a word. The player with the longest word wins. Players: flexible. Time: flexible Price: LE 150.00. Easy to carry.

8.Tokyo Highway (2016)

Get your build on and embrace your inner urban planner with Tokyo Highway. Construct highways with the columns provided in the box and place a car on the highway to score. This web of junctions and motorways is sure to test your spatial intelligence. Players: 2. Time: 30-50 minutes. Price: $40.00 (via eBay).

9. Mess up

Connect the proverbs into an appropriate sentence with ‘mess up’. The player with the most correct sentences wins. Players: flexible. Time: Flexible. Price: AED 105.00.

10. Either you understand me

Put your knowledge of your friends to the test with this spunky board game. Tea or Coffee? Sunset or sunrise? Keep your enemies close and your friends closer to win this one! Players: 3-10. Time: 10-20 minutes. Price: AED 220.00.

11. Ana Msh 3arefni

Imagine ‘Heads Up’ but more analog. Put on the glasses and place your character onto them without seeing and try to guess the characters for Egyptian pop culture, history, and even mythical creatures with the help of your friends! The better questions you ask, the closer to winning you’ll be. Players: 2-8. Time: 30+ minutes. Price: LE 280.00.

12. BEE3

Get your business savvy with Bee3. Set up your kiosk or small business and try your best to stay away from the thief card while flexing your entrepreneurial muscles. Set in the districts of Egypt, you’re sure to foster your business mindset with this game. Players: 4+. Time: flexible. Price: LE 250.00.

13. Al Hekaya

Al Hekaya is a card game that depends on your creativity. Take up the role of an ‘author’ and create a story with a prompt card. The rest of the players then need to figure out the rest of the story using the criteria cards. Players: flexible. Time: flexible. Price: LE 300.00.

14. Klaket Awel Marra

Spin the wheel to play this two-in-one board game. You can either play a simple guessing game with two actors to guess which movie they’re both in or spin the wheel and play a game of trivia, charades, and more! The person with the least points needs to pick a ‘dare’ card and put their performance skills to the test. Players: 2- flexible. Time: flexible. Price: LE 200.00.

15. Ma3ahom Wala 3alehom

This ‘Would you rather’ game is sure to spice up your hangouts. The player needs to guess the majority opinion on a topic (provided on the cards) and use their intuition to win. Players: 3-15. Time: 30 minutes. Price: LE 170.00.

And there you have it, 15 board game recommendations to enjoy with your friends this summer. From murder mysteries to social card games, this list has it all!

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