Voy! Voy! Voy! The 2023 Movie That Needs To Be On Your Watchlist ASAP.

A movie that takes a trip down memory lane is almost here. As we get to view the narrative of a simple security guard whose life changes 180 degrees, we quite literally re-experience the plotline with its rollercoaster of emotions. Being based on true events, special thanks are due to the journalist Mahmoud Shawky, who has the scoop on the true story from which the events of the film were inspired.

As the movie is classified as ‘comedy/mystery’, everyone can ecstatically await the perfect synthesis of both genres. While you get to laugh hysterically, you also shall be bombarded by a surge of curiosity and interest. Simply leaving the theatre won’t make you forget the movie, but it ought to keep you attached to the universe it dragged you in.

Hassan (the security guard) was nurtured in an unfortunate environment, yet that did not cease him from going above and beyond to develop his football skills. Fortunately, going above and beyond came with luck: luck that caused him to join a football team for the blind that is close to playing the World Cup in Europe.


Throughout the journey, however, Hassan goes through a myriad of comedic and ‘tip-toeing’ experiences. To have your laughs and toes tipped, get ready for the movie’s release in Egyptian theatres starting on September 13th (and in the rest of the Arab world starting on September 21st).

What is specifically remarkable about these posters that were presented is that all the film’s heroes (Nelly Karim, Bayoumi Fouad, Taha Desouky, Hanan Youssef and Hajjaj Abdel-Azim) appeared wearing black sunglasses – which seems peculiar. Unlike the promo that was revealed recently, Muhammad Farrag was the only one who wore black glasses. From here, an intriguing question arises: will all the film’s heroes appear blind during the work events?

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