Find your voice: how to express yourself in the ultimate proper way 101

Hi mate, we have been struggling here, me and you. Perhaps we were shy kids or we were oppressed, and perhaps not. Perhaps, we were in the perfect family and had an amazing childhood, and perhaps not. But the crucial thing is that we are not that into language, we cannot express the nested and complicated stuff in our mind. We scream and shout when we argue, maybe because we didn’t know any better, or because we wanted to force people to listen to us. Now, we are older and enraged like a baby who has no language yet and cries for his needs, but this has to end now. Language is not the end of the world, so let me tell you other ways to express yourself:

Take a pause and breathe

    A pause before any step prevents you from feeling guilty later. Of course, you don’t want to hurt your people or be hurt because you cannot find the right words to express yourself and describe what’s going on. A pause of thinking and then breathing for a few seconds before speaking, especially if you are feisty or enraged, gives you the right words to express what is on your mind and make people understand your point of view. Some might say “But we love to fight and vent our anger”, so, what else do you like? Hurting yourself? Become diabetic? Or maybe have hypertension? You hurt no one buddy but yourself.

    Read and write

      You may not that into reading, but reading novels for example can give you the vocabulary or the right description of what you feel. Reading will also give you the feeling of empathy towards the other characters you read about and yourself. you will feel that you are not alone in this world, just like you feel now reading this article. Writing is a step after reading. Now, you have the right words. Be honest on your papers. Write your diary, your thoughts, feelings, and problems. Express your anger on paper. Writing makes you vent the poison out of you because you become the reader of your own story, so, it makes it easy to express yourself.


        It is not necessary to be talented. Art is not about talent. Its aim and purpose are to express our feelings in a different way. Painting is another form of writing. Scratch your thoughts on paper, canvas, or any form of nature, even if your painting is just a hyper scratch.


          Communication with your trusty people is the most effective way to express yourself. Your loved ones will always try to understand you. Just trust them and be honest. They might feel what you feel. Communication can also be through listening to podcasts that give you the right methods to express yourself. Some are highly recommended and helped me personally. They were previously recommended in 4 Amazing podcasts that are a must for Ramadan, especially Hudu’. This podcast will loose the complicated knots in your mind and help you to understand yourself, and therefore express yourself.

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