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Going Behind the Scenes of Social Media: A Series’ Guide

Social media is a world of untold stories ,I like to call it and we’re deeply invested in them as if it’s all we’ve ever known. Imgaine a tiktok video appears on your For You page with so many views and likes, it’s clear that there’s “something” to it. It’s easy to sit behind phones and screens, watching and judging other people’s lives, whether good or bad. But what if this isn’t their life? What if its a world is full of masks? How many times have you seen a video mocking a social media influencer and begin to build consumptions based on a “video”? Is everything as it seems? Or is it a playhouse full of people wearing masks?


Exploring the Social Media Perception in the New Ramadan Series

“A3la nsbt mo4hda” and “Al-rawabi school for girls “, our most liked series with our favorite topics. These two series debate on whether social media is a mockup of our life or it’s the hell of our lives. In “a3la nsbt mo4hda” it’s important that we highlight the widely discussed occurrences .Preying on girls for the sake of money, brainwashing, and and family and society pressure.

But I’m more concerned with getting your minds around the “judgment,” the load society places on the shoulders of social media influencers. “A3la nsbt mo4hda” allows us to see the other half of the untold social media story. Family issues, provocation from those in positions of authority and influence, and the circumstances they face. What if it’s a playhouse with masks to conceal the suffering and untold stories? There are many tales behind the films we watch every day, and many of them we don’t know the full story, so who are we to judge?

Salma Abu-deif as Shimaa in “a3la nsbt mo4hda”

Shimaa “Salma Abu-deif” was used by her sister, husband and the internet! Being venerable the surrounding circumstances she had no choice but to surrender to the so called “the world of trends”. In the series, Shimaa was brought to us as a simple Egyptian girl with dream to live a normal life without having to always be under the mercy of other people. As a consequence of an unstable household, it was obvious that Shimaa has no self-esteem and was easily influenced by any person who knew just the right words to fill up her mind with delusional promises.

So she fell out of track, with no one to look after her, fell into astray or to be more precise “social medial”. Even when she had the courage to tell her story on social media and following the pressure of people watching from their phones and writing hateful comments , she went live, denoting that she was going to commit suicide because “ what did she ever do for this to happen to her” ?

The Unforgettable Impact of ‘Al-Rawabi School for Girls’

Sara “Tara Abboud”

In “Al-rawabi School for Girls”, the series was centered on the dilemma of bullying and its impact on school systems and societal expectations of young women, and how it can reshape a person’s character. Sara “Tara Abboud” on social media was a happy teenager with a cool and fun circle, but out of the playhouse… Sara was being used. She was a victim of blackmail, whether it’s emotional or blatant blackmailing. While watching the series, we are well aware of the story behind the “leaked video” of Sara; but what if there’s no director to tell us the story? What if there’s no playhouse and we’re down to earth, in real life? There would be a lot of slut-shaming, blaming, pointing fingers, without actually knowing the truth.

This series is a very good example of the influence of social media on each and every one of us. It also discuss the competition among teenagers to become a trend on social medial and the fear among them of being left out.

 Both of these series tackle “unspoken” realities regarding social media. Despite different cultures, yet it’s still the same problem of people’s judgment and criticism. Hopefully, these series opens our mind and allows as to see social media from another perspective.

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