4 Amazing Podcasts that are a Must for Ramadan

  1. Al-Seerah Al-Nabawya by Ahmed Amer
    Without exaggeration, this is a 25-hour life changing series. In this podcast, in a very simple and comforting way, Amer narrates the stories of prophet Muhammad and the Sahabah, and how their situations and wisdom provide us with solutions for the problems and situations all youth face everyday. The good thing is that this podcast makes you more enthusiastic to know more about religion and prophet Muhammad, his greatness and suffering and why he deserves to be called the greatest person in history! So, in addition to religious knowledge, we learn how to live our life.

2. Wa3y by Ahmed Amer, Hazem Al-Sediq, and Sherif Ali

For a more collective religious and social experience, Wa3y focuses on all our problems and challenges, then explains how to deal with them as our religion says. Wa3y addresses the wrong beliefs and notions we, the youth, adopt sometimes. Since most podcasts nowadays represent “crippling motivation”, and we can’t differentiate between what’s really motivating and what’s bumming, this podcast is a truly motivational one in a realistic way that applies to our circumstances. The most appealing thing about Wa3y is the simple and pleasant presentation. This is one of a kind podcast I completely loved. In a nutshell, the best podcast is the simple and quiet one.

3. Qabas by Khaled Al-Yehya
“The story is the first pillar of humanity”. Ramadan is a chance to be a better person. This does not only require being more religious, but also learning how to live your life in a better way. In this podcast, Al-Yehya takes us in a journey in history through his meaningful and deep stories, emphasizing how much the story is the key aspect of our humanity and how this history shaped what we are today. If you don’t know where to start, “Elramady” is a highly recommended episode.

4. Hudu’-هدوء by Ammar Kamal
Hudu’ is the peace we need in our life. If we need to learn how to be a better person in our relation with Allah and people, we need also to be a better person in our relationship with ourselves. Hudu’ is the typical Ramadani podcast that shall give us the peace of mind to be ready for this holy month. Hudu’ combines all our complicated thoughts, philosophy, experience and knowledge in a fusion to reach this peace of mind. What I felt after finishing the episodes, is like someone has untied the knots of my complicated thoughts. This podcast is highly recommended lesson about life.

You can listen on Spotify, You-Tube, and SoundCloud.