You’re going to love the newly opened Mahi Café


Picture this, a cosy café with a relaxed ambience where you can unwind, have a fun time with your friends and enjoy tasty multi-cuisine dishes. That’s what the newly launched Mahi Café in Al Nahda offers. Uthhub attended the exciting opening night of Mahi Café, a cosy cafe tucked in the heart of Al Nahda with a mouthwatering menu, chill vibes and entertainment. It is right next to the beloved Dhaba Lane restaurant in Al Nahda, in a calm and quiet neighbourhood.

If you want to unwind and relax, this is the perfect place. The overall ambience is an inviting place to hang out with your friends, even maybe enjoy a solo date or get busy and be productive while working remotely from the café. When I walked in, I was welcomed with the inviting scent of spices and shisha lingering in the air. The space has a casual interior with a touch of greenery on the walls; it looks like the perfect café to sit back and relax.

The Menu at Mahi Café

Mahi Café has one of the most exciting and diverse menus. Its multi-cuisine menu is a creative fusion of Indian, Mediterranean, and Italian cuisine. It reflects a multicuisine taste, with Desi-Italian mixes like butter chicken pizza being offered. Their menu also gives extensive options, with gluten-free available gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian food.

We spoke to the owner of the café, Eti Bhasin, who credited the chef for the impressive menu, saying,

” Chef Harangad Singh  is the creative soul behind the menu. He ventures into new recipes while simultaneously evoking nostalgia. He’s always bringing something new to the table. Mahi Café allows him to explore that creativity in the menu. Mushroom baklava is a well-known Arab dish, and he added his own twist to it.”

The dish above was an innovative, yummy bite; the mushroom baklava was flaky and crispy, with a rich truffle taste that was prominent. Another favourite signature dish was the Himachali Maggi, a must-have for spice lovers inspired by the spices of the Himachal Pradesh Indian region.

The café offers other bite-sized snacks packed with flavour and personality, with my favourite dish being a savoury Chholey Kulche Doughnuts. The contrasting flavours of a sweet, soft dough combined with seasoned fillings of meat and veggies made it a delight to the taste buds, bringing in a burst of different flavours.

Entertainment at Mahi Café

On top of their eclectic menu, there’s entertainment available as you enjoy your meal. There are televisions around that will showcase sports events, making it a great place to hang out and enjoy live sports and a good ambience. More entertainment will be offered in the future, so keep your eyes open on their Instagram page.

The dishes offered are a range of delicacies, along with a selection of drinks available, with the inviting atmosphere that will definitely keep you returning . Overall, this café has much to offer and should definitely be on your must-visit list for cafes and restaurants to try out in Dubai.  

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