Our top 11 Cafes/Restaurants In Dubai

I’ve been all around Dubai and seen many places, but I’m such a holder when it comes to places I go to, I’m basically a usual in 5-6 coffee shops and restaurants and essentially I don’t try to change that! Here are some of my fave / regular spots that you’ll defo find me in and that I defo recommend.

  1. 1762 – JLT

From breakfast, to study dates, up to dinner, this is the place you’ll find me in when i’m in the mood to be chill and to have some cute vibes, just focusing on some work or enjoying the sun.

  1. Coffee Club – Springs Souk

The coffee there just has me addicted! This place is so close to my house so you’ll literally always find me there on quick study sessions or when i just want a quick change of scenery.

  1. Loui, Jumeirah Park Pavilion

All the Egyptian vibes at Loui. A great touch from home so I am truly obsessed with game nights there, playing tawla or kent, with the great middle eastern food.

  1. Secret Garden – City Walk

This is the place to go to when in need of some GOOD vibes. The decor and staff are so friendly, and don’t get me started with the coffee and dessert varieties! 

  1. Ce La Vi – DIFC

If you’re willing to splurge a little on a night out, then this is really the spot to be! The decor and the views are immaculate. Such a vibe!

  1. Hamptons – Jumeirah Islands

When in the mood for a fancy coffee date with the girls, this is where to go. Over priced? A little yes but the vibe is irreplaceable.

  1. Swiss Butter, Novotel Hotel

Hands down the best steak I’ve ever and will ever have. Their dishes are just insane and when I am in the mood for a filling and delicious meal, this is where my car takes me.

  1. Un Dimanche À Paris, Blue Waters

A touch of France is all I need sometimes! The great French desserts and dishes on the menu have really elevated the experience in Dubai.

  1. Koko Bay, Palm Jumeirah

When in doubt, Koko Bay it! It’s the perfect place to have a nice beach day along with the insane dishes and exotic drinks on the menu (which I am obsessed with btw) also can we just talk about the interior design at this place for a sec?

  1. Urth Cafe, City Walk

My obsession started in LA and could not believe my eyes when I saw it open up in Dubai its first branch. Also highkey the best and most iconic matcha boba you’ll ever taste, highly recommended.

  1. Nammos, Jumeirah

Ending with my (lowkey) fave on this list. The greek vibes ARE just it. The great food, music, and overall ambience have me addicted. Also can we pls talk about the fits people rock to Nammos, I am just obsessed!

Written by: Maria Sameh

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