What We Miss Seeing On Ramadan T.V

As someone who is passionate about drama, music, art, artists and everything that has to do with with industry Ramadan’s TV always has me on my toes. I’m always waiting to see who will astonish us with their performance and what ad will be the HIT of the month. But we all have to agree that Ramadan TV has not been the same in the previous years. That’s why I have gathered a list of the things we miss seeing on our T.V this Ramadan

The number one on my list are the cartoons! I swear they were THE best. Zaza w gargeer, Bogy w tamtam – amy samir ghanem’s voice- . Essam wel mesbah and super henedy! Every year they used to come up with a new idea for a cartoon or renew an old one and as a kid, those were the highlight of my day

There were a couple of years when Sherif Monir did a series and I LOVED them! They were suspenseful, catchy and got me really hooked from the first to the last episode.

ADS! remember this ad when donia samir ghanem was 3 characters and they were all fighting to get the Pepsi bottle? This one was on FIRE! The one with bogy and tamtam, Fouad El Mohandes and Nelly. gave us all chills, even our generation who might not know and love nelly and fouad el mohandes as much as the older generation felt the nostalgic vibes from this particular ad. I really miss when the companies used to make creative ads

El Kebeer was a whole era to be honest, the first 3 seasons were unbelievably funny and light. Something that lives with us and we still use “efehat” from it until now. Like imagine how talented Mekky was to portray 3 different characters and make us love each one of them in a different way.

Ragel w set setat, the seasons when Ramzy was present for sure,was my favourite as a child. As old fashioned as their humour might be, it was addictive! 

Apart from the TV what I personally miss the most is Ramadan with no 9 am lectures!

Now you tell us what you miss the most in Ramadan TV?

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