Passant Seyam: on Acting in 7arb Ahleya and upcoming projects

Tell us more about yourself, who is passant Seyam?

I am an AUC graduate. I studied integrated marketing communication, I know it’s not related to acting at all but as at that time my dad didn’t want me to act so I studied editing and directing in order to expand my knowledge in the field

You’re the daughter of actor Ahmed seyam and actress Rania Fathallah, was it hard for them to accept your choice to act as they have seen how hard this industry can be, or were they supportive and made you try for yourself? 

They support me emotionally but not in getting me work. That’s why I am proud of each step I have taken so far knowing that it was 100% my effort. I don’t like going around telling people about my parents even when they ask me about my name. I either say Passant or Passant Seyam. I am also really picky when it comes to work, i need to be very sure of the role I’m going to play before agreeing to it but if my dad was the one that arranged a role for me with one of the people he knows I guess I’d be embarrassed to refuse to do the role so this is a big advantage of them letting me do my own thing.

Tell us something nobody knows about Jamila awad & Mayan el sayed 

Mayan and Jamila are cooler than each other. you know when someone’s soul is so pure you feel the good vibes radiating from them? that’s what I felt like meeting them for the first time. I actually saw Mayan 2 or 3 times due to common friends but we weren’t friends at all  however when we met on set she was so welcoming and even though we don’t have any scenes together , the series made us closer. Jamila On the other hand was really nice. She kept talking and cracking jokes which made me feel more comfortable on set, she’s really different from Tamara’s character and her ability to make people hate her in the series is what makes her the successful human she is.

Will we be seeing you on screen anytime soon?

Hopefully there’ll be something exciting after Ramadan 😉

 How was it acting with Youssra and the rest of the cast?

Youssra is a dream that has came true for me, In “cinema masr” We choose Egyptian scenes to redo in the play and because I love her i choose Cleopatra’s suicide scene in “Eskenderia Kaman w kaman” I didn’t care if the scene was played every day all i hoped for was that she would and see me representing her scene when she visits, but she didn’t come yet. Fortunately though when we started working together on “harb ahleya” I told her I played her scene and She was very supportive.

If you were in Nancy’s place what would you have done?

 Nancy is a very naive and negative character, she is very innocent, the problem confused her and she didnt know how to react If someone was in Nancy’s place,they should not be afraid of anything, especially in Nancy’s case, where she didn’t do anything wrong.

 Who’s someone you would love to act with?

Mona Zaki, Ahmed Helmy, Karim Abdel Aziz, Hend Sabry, Dr. Yahya Al-Fakharani of course, and I hope with all my heart I get a role with Adel emam. In addition, I would like to act with Ahmed Saleh, he is a dear friend of mine.

 What’s a funny/embarrassing moment that happened to you on set?

sometimes we would be waiting for the set to get ready and suddenly Cynthia khalifa would hold my hand and say something with excitement and I think that she’s talking to me just to find out later that she was revising the scene but the thing is she doesn’t tell me beforehand that she’ll revise the scene with me. So, for example, we would be sitting Cynthia, Jamila, and I, and then suddenly she’d say “2t2a5arty keda leh?” ?!! and I would look at her all confused So those moments really made me laugh my heart out. Another scene where I was with Khaled in the car and he was telling me that he took Tamara’s laptop and that she wouldn’t be able to come near me again, we spent around three hours shooting it so I was just sitting in the car for three hours and we were in the middle of winter and It was so cold that scene was really funny to me since I was very tired and sleepy and began seeing everyone as aliens- literally-

Written by: Dan Mohamed & Malak Walid

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