4 Hidden gems: discover new places to unwind and relax

Nothing is more relaxing and makes us feel that life is good in summer like being in new places with refreshing summer vibes, good food, and distinguished decoration that captures your sight. Since we all crave and miss the halcyon vibes of summer and want to discover new places with these vibes, here are the most special hidden gems in Egypt with these vibes:


Do you crave the Italian summer vibes? Athanor Cafe pizzeria in Dahab is definitely the right hidden gem with its tempting Italian platters, pizza, and desserts, and the friendly cozy decoration. Athanor makes the perfect combination of quality and good summer vibes, which is perfectly designed for large groups of friends and families. Also, their location in the Lighthouse among many other gems, brings the busy and friendly Egyptian vibes that make you entertained and makes everything available to you, with an amazing sight of the sea, which makes it the perfect hidden gem.

Mar Charbel Restaurant and Coffee

Mar Charbel in the downtown is full package spot when craving the refreshing summer vibes because of the amazing air on the 14th floor, the amazing quality of food, the surprisingly good prices, and the astonishing view which is the most special thing about the place. The menu is so variable, keeping the same good quality in all types of food. You can watch Cairo from the terrace. It is all about the chic Cairene vibes. This is one of the most highly recommended underrated hidden gems and personally, I recommend it.

Nomadic Coffee. eg

Nomadic is the kind of comfy relaxing and cozy hidden gem to do work or to study. Besides the calm vibes of the place in Korba, Zayed, and Sahel, Nomadic offers a great variety of coffee types and light meals. The quality and richness of the coffee, desserts, and food speak. Each branch gives a suitable vibe in place. In Korba, it’s that cozy tiny place for friends, while the Nomadic Zayed branch is larger and perfect for doing work, and the Sahel branch is of course what we’re looking for while working in summer. Their Spanish latte is the most special item and the taste is out of this world.

33 Burgers & Wings

Yeah! Another burger hidden gem, but promise, this is really a different one. Their location in Degla, Maadi among many other kiosks, and the cozy lights with the night Cairene vibes make it an alluring spot for a casual dinner out. The menu is variable between different types of burgers, appetizers, bites, and meals for friend groups. The quality is surprising and the burger is tender and juicy, in addition to the great variety of sauces. All of this makes 33 Burgers & Wings a very tempting hidden gem.

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