From Viral Trends to new stars: How social media is shaping modern celebrities

A lot of rising stars are born, in the dazzling world of social media especially TikTok. Scrolling through TikTok you will see a lot of talented people and months later you will see them on your TV or maybe while exploring the new hits on Spotify!  These TikTok people are not just creating content; they’re creating history, one viral video at a time. With each beat drop and dance challenge, they’re changing the world of cinema and music. TikTok now is the cool new stage where tomorrow’s stars are hitting their first viral high notes! 

From Tiktok to Tv stars


Starting with the upcoming star Amira Adeeb, Amira has been on TikTok for years now, she is one of the coolest bloggers on TikTok, and she blessed our FYB with fashion and travel content for so long. But what surprised us the most was her remarkable rule in “Wa Baynaa Miead”. She added so much depth and feelings to the character. We enjoyed watching how talented she is in that show, with no doubt Amira is an upcoming superstar!

Nourine Abouseada’s role in “Masar Egbari” showed how talented she is, she is a natural! Nourine is a famous TikToker and a great singer, as she made a song that was a hit a few months back “Hob Khenaa”. with her acting this Ramadan, we believe that she is an upcoming multi-talented star!

Our beloved Donna Emam is one of the best TikTokers out there! With very entertaining and girly content Donna Unquestionably captures the essence of girlhood. And not just that Donna is also a very talented actor as she starred in “Muzakirat Zoug” and “Rivo 2” and We can not wait to see her in more works!

TikTok stars from Viral Clips to Hit Singles

Scrolling through TikTok one day, we were stopped by an amazing voice doing a cover of the song “Astronaut in the Ocean” by Masked Wolf, after a short time Tasneem Elaidy blessed us with more songs of her own. The singer and Songwriter Tasneem Elaidy so far has four singles out for us to enjoy her voice more, she is definitely one of the upcoming stars we are so excited for!

Yasso started her journey by posting funny TikToks and doing very unique covers for different songs, her style is as distinctive as her voice. Yasso creates bold and different music that surprised us all with how good it Is, she now has a few singles one of them “Matsd2osh Tamthili” was a hit before it even got released!

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