Why Are So Many Content Creators Relocating to Dubai : Including 3 Of Our Current Favorite TikTok Stars

Is Dubai The New LA?

Three of our favourite Egyptian content creators announced earlier this month that they would be moving to Dubai. Although Dubai is known for drawing influencers and celebrities, fans on tik tok were interested in what was really going on behind such unexpected movements.

Before Amina Hussein shared a tiktok explaining her travels, there were numerous fan theories, spanning from upcoming projects to possibly a television show starring her and bassant.

Amina later shared that the move had been totally unplanned when she first visited earlier this year.She eventually decided that in order to plan the movement and essential pre-movement preparations, she would have to travel for three months before finally settling in.

Without mentioning any upcoming projects from the three creators, there have been multiple collaborations and various appearances in panels, TV shows, premieres and events since their move. It looks that the move was the best choice to allow these creators to make it big and succeed.

Why Dubai Is The Best Place to Move In When Working In Media And Entertainment 

Since Dubai is a popular destination for celebrities from around the world, it’s simple to spot your favorite stars while exploring the city. It’s also well renowned for its employment prospects, financial success, and lavish lifestyle.


Besides It being secure, tax-free and luxurious for a lifestyle. It’s also the middle east home for many publications and platforms including TikTok, Vogue, cosmopolitan and Facebook.So it’s no wonder that’s where rising stars and entertainment professionals head to when looking for better growth opportunities in the field.

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