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Body Image

Body image is how a person sees themselves, their own body, and how attractive they feel, but many people have concerns about their body image, which usually focuses on weight, skin, hair, or the size of a certain body part. That’s how body image is defined on google when you look it up, why is it so negative? Why are people so insecure about the way they look?  

The answer is simple, rather sad. For years and years society, media, and history made a very narrow criterion of very strict beauty standards that quite frankly, a small number of people really do fit within it. It’s basically being white, skinny with defined facial features, small nose, blond hair, tiny waist like a girl, and muscular as a guy, and the list goes on and on with further details. That’s not realistic, no one has all of those features at once.

Some might have one or two, but others might have none. Does that mean they are not beautiful, or they should feel that their body image isn’t good enough?

That’s messed up on a whole other level. Everyone should be able to be comfortable in their own skin and feel loved not based on how they look, but based on our personality.

You don’t see people try to fix their issues with their attitude and personality; however, they rather change their looks on the outside so they would get closer to fitting the beauty mold. While others begin to hate themselves and become really insecure about their looks; later on, they start to struggle with self-love, and at this point, it’s also people’s comments about looks that make a person really insecure about the way they look.

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I think that if you are a guy and want to work out or lose weight, do it for your own benefit and for your health’s sake, not to look better for people. If you’re a girl who also wants to lose weight, do it for your own health, not to look good for the people around you. If anyone wants to change something about their looks, do It for your SELF and only you, and please love your body and be comfortable in it; we are all beautiful and no one can ever take that away from you.

So why can’t we start promoting a new way of living, a way where we start to love each other more and be more secure about our looks. Please say positive comments and keep any negative comments to yourself.

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