The Ultimate Gen Z Wish List

This list will be going in depth with what this generation wishes for on multiple levels and on different life aspects that impact our generation. This is purely based on people’s opinion after talking to a few of Gen Z teenagers, and summarising those talks into this list.

• We wish adults would treat boys and girls in an equal manner, if you let your son stay out till a certain hour, then we think you should give the same privilege to your daughter as well.

• we wish to denormalize praising boys for hanging out with girls, and attacking girls who hang out with guys. If you consider something wrong then do for both genders, not only one.

• we wish people start normalizing women who live alone, and denormalize having them monitored 24/7 under the “we are looking after them” excuse.

• A huge part of gen z would also love if we stop caring about how many likes we get on social media, and stop putting out a fake life for people to see.

•we want to be given the chance to be independent.

• Traveling the world is very high on this wish list and I personally agree with this one, I think that traveling the world is on every teen’s wish list, because it gives us the opportunity of exploring other culture, in different parts of the world.

  • Lastly, we want to live our life to the fullest before we reach adulthood and get flooded with responsibilities and duties that might prevent us from doing so.

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