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4 Must Read’s This Summer

In spite of how tempting it may be to sit on our phones and scroll for hours on end,hopping from one app to the other, it’s important to try to take up other activities. Such as to ,on the one hand, not get bored and on the other do something worthwhile!

That obviously being reading. 

So here are some of our top picks for this summer to widen your horizons and cultivate you into an entirely new person! (in no particular order)

1- The Greater Freedom, Alya Mooro.

So much is to be said in regards to this book and yet it still wouldn’t do it justice in how well-written it is. To put it simply,The Greater Freedom, talks about Alya’s experiences in being a TCK in a sense. The book also goes into great details about much of the culture of the middle east as well as those of the west. Being a combination of personal endeavours, testimonies and research-based information, The Greater Freedom is simply bound to leave you hooked on it, to see it through, whilst still craving for more. 

2-Validate Me, Charly Cox.

This particular book will likely appeal to a greater number of people, seeing as to how it deals with the so-called “sense of gratification” we receive as a result of changes in technology. 

The book is a series of poems, each entailing in part, how the digital world, has consumed and has even gone to great lengths in shaping our real world, in the ways we may regard/ relate our happiness in accordance to the number of likes we get, how quickly an individual responds to our texts and so on and so forth. 

So if you were to look for a book to validate your emotions, look no further. 

3-We Were Liars, E.Lockhart. 

If by any chance you stumble across booktok ,I’m sure that you’ve seen a reaction video detailing just how exquisite of a book it truly is. The YA fiction book, full of cliffhangers and plot-twists, the author knew how to grasp the reader’s attention and albeit the book was initially released back in 2014,there’s no denying that it’s making a comeback this summer.

4-The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas

If you haven’t already seen the highly appraised movie that was based off of the book, I would consider you lucky that you get to enjoy the book with its plot to the fullest, without any spoilers. 

The book deals with the issue of race and explains certain topics from perspectives other than the white point of view, which is of great importance! 

This funny, yet painful book is bound to leave you speechless at the end and certainly at awh. 

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