Sarah Refai Just launched her Podcast “The Secrets of Marketing”

Marketing fanatics listen up! social media leader Sarah Refai has launched a podcast with empwr to teach you everything you need to know about marketing!

If you don’t know who Sarah is let me give you a quick brief, Sarah is a Harvard speaker, a Canadian Lebanese entrepreneur, the owner of 2 e-commerce stores, and the co-founder of her own social media marketing agency -total girl boss!-

With the goal to make a more accessible way for Arabic speakers to learn about marketing and be able to use it as a resource, Sarah started a podcast called “The secrets of marketing”

In the first episode, Sarah talks about content creation, and how technology has changed a lot of stuff in our current world. she explains everything in a very simple way by using storytelling.
A new episode will be airing each week so if this is something you would be interested in you know can now check the episode on all streaming platforms

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