Instagram accounts to inspire this summer

Last year’s summer was a rollercoaster, covid really messed up our plans and we didn’t really get to buy some new outfits or show off the ones we got. So, this year we’ve got to compensate for everything we didn’t get to do last year!!! And what’s fashion without inspiration? whether your style is indie, soft, emo, you just follow trends, or don’t even have one yet and are looking for some inspo, this is for you! So, without further ado, here are some Instagram accounts to inspire you this summer!

  1. @Dressupwithjay

Dressupwithjay or Jessica Toutounji is an Egyptian/Lebanese/Italian Cairo based fashion blogger, she posts fashion inspo that fits almost every single genre, from chic and classy to streetwear. Most of her clothes are bought from either local brands or ones that are easily accessible for Egyptians, she is definitely a must follow this summer!

2. @Wisdm

This one is for our male followers. Wisdom Kaye is photographer and a model that has immaculate style. His blog has literally everything! He sometimes breaks gender norms, provides us with amazing content and is an amazing fashion inspiration, especially if you are a guy that’s just starting to get into fashion and have no idea what would suit you best!

3. @Fatendarbaj

For all our hijabis who have no idea what to wear this summer, this one is for you! Faten is a Lebanese blogger with an amazing fashion sense that will definitely inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and slay this summer!

4. @Thenavarose

Nava Rose aka Alexa Jade is a youtuber, tiktok star, social media influencer, and a fashion icon. Her style also varies so it is perfect for inspiration on anything you want. Especially if you are not sure what’s best for you. Her clothing style is definitely bold and will probably get you out of your comfort zone. If that’s your case, then go give her a follow!

5. @Definitelytai

Definitelytai is a tiktok star that makes fashion videos and has a fashion blog on his Instagram on which he posts some amazing fits that will definitely inspire those of you who are either confused about their style or are just interested in street fashion and trends!

6. @Joannapincera

Joanna Pincera is model and a fashion blogger. Her Instagram is also full inspiration, and it varies from street wear to soft to  modest to fancy! She is definitely a must follow this summer, especially if you are scared to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with risky/bold outfits!

7. @Hibathehijabi

another one for our hijabi followers! Hibathehijabi is definitely a must follow if you need some modest inspo for this summer, especially if you want to experience with new patterns and colors, she’s the one for you!!

8. @Engy_m

Engy_m is an egyptian fashion blogger who has an amazing taste in fashion and supports local brands and even has an instagram account herself where she sells clothes (, and of course most of her clothes are from stores that are easily accessible for anyone living in egypt, so if you’re egyptian, willing to support local brands, and want some style info, engy is definitely a must follow!

9. @ amandampn

If you’re a fan of colours, or just want to experiment with them and try something new, amanda marie’s personal blog is definetly the one for you! She styles her outfits in a unique way and also uses a very colorful palette which is very hard to find these days, so if you’re interested in that, then @amandampn is a must follow!!!

10. @shannonxvii

And finally we’re ending with Shannon Flanders, a model and fashion blogger with a unique fashion taste. If you’re a guy and are reading this, go give him a follow, it’s definitely worth it!!!

Well then that’s it for today, I hope this helped you find someone that will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone this summer and experiment with new colours, shapes and trends. Thank you for your time and I hope this was helpful!! 😊

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