Basma Boussel and Tamer Hosny: The Tea on Their 2nd Public Split

Basma Boussel and Tamer Hosny: their divorce…and more

Basma Boussel and Tamer Hosny very publicly announced their split…again. If you have been following celebrity news, you must have heard about this one, and for the second time around too.

They split after 12 years of marriage, and people have some serious takes on this divorce. Although no foul play has been detected, it is not entirely out of question to start pointing fingers on who made the whole relationship become too public, and getting the audience involved in everything.

The Beginning of The Basma Boussel-Tamer Hosny Split

About 3 years ago, it was rumoured that Basma Boussel and Tamer Hosny have called it quits when they were just about to celebrate their ninth anniversary, and by then, they were the talk of the city. Celebrities, such as Ahlam, were also involved in the process of spreading the news by simply reacting to it. Back then it was easy to completely deny those

Then, again, rumours arose by September 2021, when Basma Boussel shared a story on her Instagram account throwing shade at the “cheaters” whom she has to live with. This was also right after some word was out on the streets that Tamer Hosny has been cheating on his wife. Then Basma was quick to announce a divorce is in the process of happening.

This little scandal was wrapped up quickly by Hosny’s public reply to his wife’s story and reassuring her in front of all of his followers. It surely made everyone view him as the mature half of this marriage, and soon enough, things went back to normal.

Surely enough, the final divorce got a reaction out of the public, and even some influencers weighed in on the whole story. And since Basma Boussel has been very public with her life, it is no surprise that people have been listening intently to every rumour spread about her. Her publicity stunts have been a talk of many social media platforms, and one of those stunts was her public support to the accused sexual assaulter and rapist Saad Lamjarred.

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