Aya Abdelhamid: Everything You Need To Know About Charlotte Tilbury’s New Rising Star & Our Fav Looks

Aya Abdelhamid is a name Makeup-Enthusiasts in the region have become acquainted with. Egyptian born & raised, Aya Abdelhamid is a makeup artist that is, against common belief, new to the scene. 

The Jump Into The Makeup World

In the span of just a day, Aya’s notoriety within the makeup community has sky-rocketed after she’d been chosen as Charlotte Tilbury’s Middle-Eastern Artist.

It’s important to note however, that Abdelhamid’s work has been seen on numerous fashion shows including Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and more. Also, Abdelhamid has worked with a number of models including Karen Wazen & Hend Sabri to showcase her work, to working on movies such as Keera Wel Gen’s So which looks of hers are our favourite?

Aya’s work on Wazen

Makeup’s Versatility

Our favourite thing about Abdelhamid’s artistry is that she’s both conventional and unconventional. She makes makeup accessible to all, be that beginners or makeup artists themselves with her tips and tricks that she shares on the weekly. 

Look #1: CIFF

A perfect red carpet look is just one of the many tricks up Abdelhamid’s sleeve when it comes to the makeup-game. One of our favourite looks is of Mariam El Khosht, back in November of 2022 for the closing ceremony of Cairo International Film Festival. A classy look that ties together her black gown with an edgy, smokey eye.

Look #2: Taht El Wesaya

SFX and on-screen makeup is also one of her specialities. Although it was difficult to choose just one of Abdelhamid’s many looks, we opted for her work on Mona Zaki’s most recent Series Taht El Wesaya’s poster, in which Aya managed to completely transform, yet maintain Zaki’s features; proving yet again just how fluid Abdelhamid’s artistry truly is.

Look #3: NYFW

Another look we are obsessed with, is a graphic black eyeliner moment for NYFW back in 2021. 

While Aya has done several looks since then, we believe that her adversity in the looks she provides, from editorial to soft-glam, to bridal, is the truest test of genuine skill, which without a doubt renders her the perfect candidate for having won Tilbury’s Middle East Award.

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