Saad Lamjarred: 1 Symbol of Elite Brought to Justice

After the recent scandals concerning the ‘controversial’ acts of the singer Saad Lamjarred, the public has been wondering whether the ‘obscene’ rumors are true and unfortunately, they are. On the 23rd of February, it has been requested by the French Public Prosecutor that the infamous singer be imprisoned for 7 years due to the strong sexual allegations against him. Were these ‘allegations’ mere accusations or actual heinous acts of the elite? 

Lamjarred's prime era has come to an end

As the Moroccan singer stood before the Parisian court denying any sort of sexual relations with the French lady, “Laura B”, the public found it hard to believe considering these are not the first allegations against him. Back in New York 2010, he had been arrested on claims that he forcefully raped and beaten a woman there. Ranging from rape charges in Morocco and the USA to France, the allegations are definitely “diverse”. Would that new case be any surprise to the public?

Lamjarred’s Victim Account

On the previous Wednesday, Lamjarred had recounted the details pertaining to what occurred, where he claimed that he met the lady on October 2016 in a prestigious nightclub within the very essence of Paris (later spending the night in his hotel room). There, his account coincided with the victim until she began alleging he had hit her on the head after a lengthy night of dancing, talking and listening to music. Demanding her to take off her top, the victim complied when he punched and then raped her until she successfully restrained him by “biting him in the lower back and punching him”.

Lamjarred’s Account

On the contrary, Mr. Lamjarred had claimed that while they were undressing, he had felt an excruciating rash in his lower back. Hence, he had ‘brutally pushed her in the face’ and he stated that he was not proud of his actions (primarily due to his consumption of drugs and alcohol). ‘Supposedly’, that should be some sort of justification for the gruesome accusations. Subsequently, he addressed the judge asserting, “Mr. President, I say it today and I will say it until my last breath: I, Saad Lamjarred, have never had sex with Laura B. in any way.”

Lamjarred’s Conscience Arising

Avoiding any semblance of eye contact, he addressed Laura stating, “Sorry for the backlash, I didn’t want to make you cry.” Judge Frederick Allen had inquired him more than once if he asked Laura “why did she act in this way” as long as it was a “misunderstanding”. Saad Lamjarred responded, “I am not saying that she lied, but I say that she may have made a mistake.”

After the course of these heated events, a recent verdict had been issued on the 24th of February, sentencing Mr. Lamjarred to 6 years in prison. Though this was the end of an era for him, this appears as a signal for a new age: an age of justice, where all classes shall receive their rightful sanctions – if such horrendous crimes occurred.

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