Get an Exclusive Sneak Peek into The 1st Shahid Musical: Rising Star Moataz Hesham Shares His Journey

Uthhub: How does it feel being part of Shahid’s first musical?

Moataz Hesham: I’m extremely proud to be a part of Shahid’s first musical! It is something quite new to try with the variety of talents I will be exploring (dancing, singing etc.) and even the acting technique is different, which is why I am overall excited and proud. I really do hope everyone enjoys it.

UH: Did you find it challenging/out of your comfort zone?

MH: Although it needed a lot of effort and dedication (which took nine months of mere filming), I was overall enjoying myself and it was a brilliant experience!


UH: What did you like about the musical and the experience?

MH: To be absolutely honest, Shahid has put forth extraordinary efforts towards everything (professional production and an incredible piece of art). I must also mention and commend the hard-working film director Tamer Mahdy. Working with him is a remarkable experience that I will always look back at!

UH: How did it feel acting alongside Hala El Turk and Yasmina?

MH: Hala El Turk and Yasmina deserve to be praised for their hard work and talents! As a singer, I love Hala and her voice. As an actress, I truly admire Yasmina! Surprisingly, I was not aware that they were multi-talented and could do vice versa (Hala acts and Yasmina also sings) and not just ‘ordinarily’ but they are really brilliant at what they do.

UH: How about the fellow young actors of the crew?

MH: As for the rest of the young crew, they are also excellent (God bless them) and they possess so much charisma! I do hope the public ends up supporting and loving them when the musical is released!

UH: What is a message you would tell people eager to watch the musical?

MH: I would say that the musical was directed towards all sorts of people! The audience is as general and diverse as it gets: not just for children but for the older youth and even the elderly.

UH: What is something you wish for the future of the musical and how would you like the fans to view it?

I wish that everyone watches it while understanding the message of the musical and not judging it by appearance or superficially. I would love for everyone to enjoy it as much as they can and be proud that we, Arabs, were able to accomplish such a masterpiece. It is an incredible production and everyone will bear witness to that from the presentation, songs and even the vibes! Top tip: don’t forget your Popcorn while watching.

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