5 Ideas for Suhour -Saving You from Eating Foul Everyday!

This is Uthhub becoming Fatafeet channel and telling you 5 ideas for Suhour to save you from eating Fool and Gebna Bel Tamatem every single day! We feel like it’s a little bit of a tradition having those plates on suhour, but don’t you get bored? We are here to the rescue! 

Tuna -Yes for Suhour!

Not so creative but hear me out, you can make this tasty and different in many ways! You can have a tuna salad with some thousand island sauce? Maybe with some mayo? Bell peppers and sweet corn? Lettuce? Did I make you hungry yet? 



Those turkish fatayer are to die for! You can fill them with anything you want! Beef, chicken, cheese, labneh, maybe even tuna I don’t know..



Buy the regular noodles but do it with a twist, add veggies, add some soy sauce and paprika. Add curry instead of the paprika. Literally anything you’ll add on this will make it a tasty plate.



Okay but this is my favourite thing in the world, you can literally do this in a lot of different ways. Every food blogger I follow on instagram has a recipe for this delicious thing! You can check @malaksfoodjourney and @kitchenkeys for two of my faves!



Not technically pizza but on toast or bread. Add ketchup, Turkey, Salami, Tuna, or leftover chicken from the Iftar. Cheddar cheese or mozzarella, bbq sauce and into the oven! And if you want a step-by-step recipe, here you go!

We hope this will encourage you to embrace your inner chef and cook something different for your suhour! Share with us what you cook when you want to change your suhour and make us hungry! And if you want more recipes generally, we have got you covered!

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