9 Fun Facts About Mahmoud Yassin Jr. — The Brooding Soldier From El KATIBA 101

Mahmoud Yassin Jr. is putting on a masterful performance in this Ramadan season’s military drama El KATIBA 101 (Battalion 101), stepping into the combat boots of the soldier Ahmed Esmat and captivating audiences with his calm but measured and effective demeanor and his bravery in facing terrorists on the widely televised drama. But since there is such a hubbub about the rising talent, who is Mahmoud Yassin Jr. really?

Mahmoud Yassin Jr
Mahmoud Yassin Jr

1- He is a young Egyptian actor who was featured in several successful TV productions, including many Ramadan TV series, such as ELLE MALOUSH KBEER by Mostafa Fekry.

2- He appeared in the drama series AL-FETEWA in Ramadan 2020 opposite heavy-weight actor Yasser Galal.

3- In an outstanding performance, Mahmoud Yassin Jr. embodied the character of Sallam Al-Rifi, who hails from a poor family and aspires to raise them out of poverty, and who sacrifices his peace and enjoyment to achieve that end in the second season of ZAI EL QAMAR in the tale titled ‘Umm Al-Ayal,’ which starred Rania Farid Shawki and Ahmed Wafik.

4- He also acted opposite Nermine Elfeky, portraying Adham — a loyal son who rejects his father’s (Sabri Fawaz) intransigence and aggression towards her in the second season of ELA ANA (EXCEPT ME) in the story titled ‘On the Sidelines.’

5- Appeared in the third season of NASIBI WA QESMETIK (MY DESTINY, YOUR DESTINY) as Abdullah in an episode that was full of horror and suspense.

6- His most recent achievements include being named Best Rising Actor at the Satellite Festival.

7- He received an award at the Arab Excellence and Creativity Forum for his role in the TV series ELLE MALOUSH KBEER.

8- In the military thriller El KATIBA 101 (Battalion 101), Mahmoud Yassin Jr. demonstrates his ability to portray complex characters by playing the introverted and solitary Esmat, who has a penchant for brooding.Despite his introversion, Esmat shows courage when the military base in which he is stationed is attacked by terrorists. Despite sustaining an injury, he holds his position with the rest of the battalion and successfully repels the insurgents long enough for backup to arrive.

9- Mahmoud Yassin Jr. is the grandson of the legendary actor Mahmoud Yassin and the well-known actress Shahira. He is also the son of the prominent screenwriter Amr Mahmoud Yassin.

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