7 Youth Actors We Are Excited To See This Ramadan

As Ramadan draws near, it’s impossible to miss all the new promos for the 2023 seasons, especially after the youth actors rocking their way through Ramadan 2022. Excitingly as it sounds, this season may be one of the best in a while. The shows cover a variety of Ideas and stories with great casting choices. We will be walking you through our favourite actors and their roles this Ramadan season. Starting with a personal favourite;

Salma Abu Deif

Salma, the Face of Valentino, youth model and actress, stars not only in one but two TV shows this season: Al Maddah, and the limited series, Imam Al-Shafi’i. Both being significantly different from one another, Salma spoke on her Instagram account about how both roles are new and unique from her previous ones and how she prepared for both in terms of character and accent differences. After the success of Rageen Ya Hawa last year, this year will be her second time working with the only Khaled el Nabawy and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this year.


Nour El Nabawy

Paving his way, Nour El Nabawy proved that as much as he has his father’s looks, he is just as capable of using his talent to establish a unique colour. His appearance in Al Ekhteyar was heartfelt and left us all wanting more from the young actor, then again when he was playing Tarek in Rageen Ya Hawa. In Rageen Ya Hawa he was playing a role alongside his father, yet was still able to set his own tone without living under his father’s shadow. Certainly we cannot wait for more of Nour’s performance, so we are pleased to say that he will be in our Ramadan’s watchlist with his series Al Aghar!

Essam Omar

If you keep up with social media trends, you probably have stumbled across the new watch limited series “Balto” starring Essam Omar as a newly graduated youthful doctor who gets appointed as the medical chief in a faraway town in the suburbs. After his success in the lead role, Essam Omar co-stars with Menna Shalaby, Eiad Nassar, and Mervat Amin in Taghyeer Gaw. The show revolves around Sherifa ( Menna Shalaby) and her lifelong challenges.

Taha Desouky

Several youthful performers, including Maria Osama and Aya Samaha. Taha Desouky, an actor and stand-up comedian, stars in El Sofara following a successful TV show debut. In an action-packed comedy, Ahmed Amin, a tour guide, finds a historical whistle, and his life is completely turned upside down as he finds himself capable of going back in time.

Ahmed Dash since childhood till youth

For Ahmed Dash, major roles are nothing new; his choices have always been distinctive and well-chosen. He starred in the short-lived sitcom Meen Aal last year; a show that targeted youth and the struggles they face daily. This year Ahmed Dash stars in El Sandoo2 along with actor Aly Kassem and huda el mufti. The show will be released on shahid and mbc masr.

Mayan El Sayed and Adam El Sharkawy

Following his well-received guest appearance in Newton Cradles the previous year, Adam El Sharkawy joins the cast beside Mayan el Sayed as she plays Samah Glaal in 1000 hamdella 3la l Salama during this Ramadan season, marking her second performance with Yousrra. An action-packed comedy about a doctor who travels back to her own country to claim her inheritance. The series is directed by amro salah, the snl Arabia director and filmmaker.

And of course, since most of the shows are going to be on Shahid and WatchiT, get a subscription to them now!

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