For the First Time: Salma Abu Deif Plays the Role of a Woman from Upper Egypt in the Al-Maddah 3 Series

On her official Instagram page, star Salma Abu Deif posted the official poster of the Al-Maddah 3 (Ostouret El Eshq) series. For the first time, Salma was featured in the poster as a woman from Upper Egypt. The series is expected to be aired during the Ramadan 2023 season on MBC Masr and the Shahid platform.

Alongside Salma Abu Deif, Al-Maddah 3 stars Hamada Helal, Heba Magdy, Khaled Zaki, Mohamed Reyad, Khaled Sarhan, Donia Abdel Aziz, Lucy, Yousra Elloozy, and Rania Farid Shawky. The series is written by Amin Gamal, Waleed Abu El Magd, and Sherif Yousry and directed by Ahmed Samir.

Additionally, Salma is joining the Ramadan race with another drama; Risalat El-Emam which is slated to be aired on the CBC channel and Watchit platform. Risalat El-Emam also stars Khaled El Nabawy, Arwa Gouda, Nidal El Shaf’y, Khaled Anwer, Walid Fawwaz, Gihan Khalil, Hamza El Eily, and Ahmed Al Rafeay. Directed by Laith Hijo, Risalat El-Emam is written by a writing workshop under Mohamed Hesham Obayya.

Salma is collaborating with star Ghada Abdel Razek in episodes entitled “Taht El Hezam” in the Hadath Belfe’l series which is scheduled to be aired soon. Additionally, Salma stars in Ma Byn Al Sutoor, in cooperation with Saba Mubarak, Ahmed Fahmy and Mohammad Alaa Jamaica. Ma Byn Al Sutoor is a 30-episode series that will be aired soon on the Shahid VIP platform.

Salma Abu Deif is a prominent young star who studied at the famous Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York to enhance her talent in acting. Abu Deif quickly drew attention to her by taking part in the TV series La Tutafi’ Alshams by director Mohammad Shaker Khodeir, and Halawt Al Dunia by director Hussien El Menbawy.

Excelling in TV dramas led her to collaborate in her first film with director Amr Salama in Sheikh Jackson film, to be able to get more significant roles in her next works; such as the lead role in Ladina Aqwal Okhra TV series, alongside the superstar Yusra, and Ela Ana by director Mariam Ahmady, in addition to her role in The Final Scene that was aired exclusively on the Shahid VIP platform.

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