10 Signs You Should Probably Break Up With Your Partner

1. No Time For You

Let me start this off by saying if they can’t make time for you, then neither are they worthy of your time. The sign is as simple as that. It won’t feel like you’re talking to someone who can truly be there for you if they reply to your message 5 hours later. What if you’re going through an emergency and they are your only person, how will they save you if they couldn’t care less to open that message immediately? Let me put this out there: if they genuinely love you, then you will be a priority – even against time.

2. Respect for Personal Boundaries? Dare to Dream.

Boundaries are the key to success in any relationship: not just romantic ones but platonic ones too. Everyone has boundaries: whether you choose to acknowledge and apply them or not is a choice. Perhaps you are not fond of physical touch, so if you are not, then let them know (considering that many relationships are built upon touch). Whatever you do not like is a boundary and it is imperative that they respect it. It is not a ‘sign’ to leave, but utter disrespect when they cannot abide by your boundaries.

3. Effort? Not Available.

That is undeniably the most draining sign out of them all, but if you are the one who is always texting first, then uhmm…please look out – not the best sign. If you are the sole party who is sacrificing time, money and most essentially, energy, then they are simply undeserving. Remember the universal rule: if they wanted to, they would have.


the whole time i knew ur heart didnt belong to me.

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4. Their Jealousy Is Unbearable.

Okay, we all feel a little special when someone gets all jealous and protective over us, but there is a limit. They can’t get mad and start yelling at you for talking to your opposite-gender friend! You are not their entire property, so they cannot lash out at you for having meaningless day-to-day interactions with other humans. I promise you: at a particular point, you will start feeling irritated.

5. Controlling Too!

Now, a person who you are in a relationship with has absolutely no right being all up in your business with what you do. I have said it before and I will say it again: you are not their property. You are a person and they are their own person too, so they have no power over you – particularly when it comes to your own personal life. It’s okay if you need their opinion or simple ‘validation’ (it’s a sign of trust), but your decisions are yours to make.

6. Way Too Many Arguments.

What’s the point of a connection if there is no proper line of connection, to begin with? Constant arguments (especially when it’s over the most trivial) things will do nothing but drain you. Ironically, they will also entice some sense of awareness in your conscience telling you that ‘if we can’t agree on the simplest stuff, then imagine what our life together will be like’. Unless you’ll carry out the argument properly, then there is no need to even be in the relationship.


7. Sorry? Never Heard Of It.

After a month or two, you’ve never heard them utter the word sorry when they make a mistake. Even worse, you always feel like you’re the one who is always blamed. Not fair, right? They must do some mistakes; however, that is more than fine. What is not fine is their inability to own up to their mistakes. A ‘sorry’ won’t hurt? In essence, it would fix a lot and would instead be a reasonable sign to continue.

8. You Can’t Build Trust Properly.

If trust isn’t there, a successful, healthy relationship won’t be in the picture either. Be open about your secrets and let them feel like you are a safe space too. A relationship with way too many secrets will not feel genuine at all – conversely, it would feel too ‘vague’. Everyone has secrets, so why not let it all out with your future ‘spouse’? If lies get the best of your relationship, then forget that you will even continue.

9. I’m Not Speaking To A Human. I’m Speaking To Literal Narcissism!

That one is a life lesson more than it is a sign. Inevitably, you will learn to handle someone with a hubris too massive to be swallowed, which is realistically helpful. Nonetheless, if you always feel inferior and that your partner is too good for you, then you, my friend, are a victim of their narcissism. In a way, if you cannot access their ‘vulnerable’ side, then something is wrong. Life is already hard; you don’t need someone with too much arrogance that can bomb a room!

10. The Final Sign: Nothing.

Yes, you read that correctly. ‘Nothing’ is the ultimate sign. If you feel nothing (no love, no respect, not even basic validation etc.) towards them, then it’s best to let go. This applies vice versa: if they cannot reciprocate your feelings of love and affection, then leave. Chanel those emotions towards someone or something that genuinely will appreciate you.

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