The Stahps Broadcast: Honest Reasons Why They Shouldn’t Stahp

In light of recent events, we got to witness a wonderful couple becoming a family. The Stahps tied the knot and the internet got first-class seats to the wedding; the couple didn’t stop at that, they also offered a daily broadcast of their honeymoon outings. Full of food blogging and beautiful sceneries, the Stahps made sure their Instagram followers felt like part of their newly-started family. 

However, some people had different opinions on how the Stahps managed their social media post-marriage. They argued that the Instagram broadcast they created sent the message that they were spending most of their time on their phones and not enjoying their new life together. This led Yasser to send out a message on their broadcast telling their followers that he and Aya were only sharing these beautiful glimpses of their honeymoon for the sake of including their online family and how a broadcast is not usually a way influencers profit. 

The Stahps were also attacked for “over-sharing” their outings and nights out together during their honeymoon, and Yasser had to include that these glimpses were only “1 of 100 moments” that they live through daily. 

It was honestly sad to think that people assumed the happy couple was only doing this for publicity, especially when they really needed none during a honeymoon. 

The amount of attack that influencers have to deal with is usually greater than most people have to undergo, but when it comes to a couple like the Stahps, it all feels so unnecessary. More importantly, if someone doesn’t like their broadcast, they can simply leave it. It’s also important to note that when someone posts about something, a negative comment will not help anyone, especially when they are happy about their post and sharing a special moment with you. 

Of course, this is my personal opinion and take on it, and since I love the Stahps, I can’t help but miss their content. Fingers crossed that they keep updating us about their honeymoon in Bali! 

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