Thanks To Aya and Yasser’s Wedding: You Now Have A New ‘Happily Ever After’ Bedtime Story.

A couple of hours ago, social media’s most loved Egyptian Tiktokers -Yasser Ahmed and Aya Ibrahim- stunned us all without any further notice with their simple yet astonishingly divine wedding coverage.


With an average of 3 million viewers watching them select their furniture and meticulously choosing every little detail together, they would constantly remind us how the house’s design wouldn’t be complete without each other’s choices. Quite adorable! Aren’t they just every teenager’s couple goal?

Taking their audience through a short ride with minute-based reels and TikToks, Aya and Yasser would update us about their current furniture purchases – through 27 reels under the name of “A New House.” As you watch that intriguingly-crafted series, you somehow get sucked into their aesthetically appealing life – and by ‘aesthetically pleasing’ we certainly don’t mean the intricate choices they selected but the avalanches of love and effort they equally put into the series. Perhaps what made that series absolutely special was the sense of realism they made sure was everywhere!

What was kind of bizarre was the fact that the wedding didn’t have your typical ‘high-profile ‘influencers, but instead only close friends and family. Aren’t we all hung up about hearing their reasons in the upcoming days? And why they preferred something simple? I’m sure we all know the answer to that but we would love to hear their shared insight – it’s always special coming from them!

Now, moving on to Aya’s conspicuous voguish dress – which was brilliantly designed by the creative Nour Azazy (owner of Nour Azazy Bridal). We particularly admired how the dress brought Cinderella to life – one that mesmerized all eyes that perceived it. It is imperative that we also commend her makeup artist Monica Remon and hair stylist Silvia Bernaba.

As for Yasser, his suit was literally the epitome of ‘elegant but slaying’ and chapeau to all the genius designers who worked on crafting it. If we were to precisely encapsulate how ethereal they were, then we would say that they were nothing but a hypnotic synthesis of every Disney couple we grew up with (Prince Aladdin and Princess Jasmine or even Rapunzel and Flynn).

Now, the setting of the ending of this marvellous chapter was within the very essence of Giza, which encompassed the appropriate divine atmosphere for the wedding. Somehow, the most symbolic element out of all of this was the contrast between the flower-themed occasion and Giza, which is greatly composed of sand and desert. Truly, everything about them and their wedding possesses inspiring beauty and we are here for it!

Signing off, if you haven’t watched or read our previous interview with them, then run as fast as you can because soon enough, you will get all the exclusive tea about the tediously excellent wedding process 🤫🤫

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BY: Jazz Raafat & Moaaz Mahmoud

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