Our Eid 2024 Movie Review

One of the things we all look forward to every Eid celebration (other than the delicious meals and traditional desserts of course) is no doubt the new movie releases that we anticipate all month. Instead of just feeding your self with delicious meals and loads of kahk, check out our review of this year’s Eid movies that will feed your soul.


Starring Tyson, Amr Youssef, Dina El-Sherbiny, and Amina Khalil, Shekko is an action/comedy movie revolving around a group of outlaws entangled in criminal activities and escapades, which takes a dark turn when the consequences start catching up to them. If you want some excitement and something to keep you at the edge of your seat, Shekko is definitely the movie for you this Eid. Aside from the movie plot itself, we know we weren’t the only ones that were (pleasantly) surprised when we saw Amina Khalil’s role, especially her belly dancing scene which seemed out of character for her, yet just goes to show how versatile of an artist she is.

Fasel Men El-Lahzat El-Lazeeza

movie:  Fasel Men El-Lahzat El-Lazeeza

Starring Hesham Maged and Hannah El Zahed, Fasel Men El Lahzat El Laziza is a fun comedy movie that explores the life of a married couple who’s relationship has hit a snag and become boring and unfulfilling. Then, their lives turn upside down when unforeseen circumstances put them in a multiverse-like situation that makes them reevaluate their relationship and ignite their spark once more.

Aal Mashy

The moment we see Ali Rabie, we know a comedic banger is waiting for us. Aal Mashy is a comedy starring Ali Rabie, Karim Afifi, Aya Samaha, Salah Abdullah, Intisar, and Abdullah Musharraf. It centers around the life of Youssef, a carefree and irresponsible 30 year old who relies on his parents for everything. Youssef’s life gets turned around when he gets diagnosed with a rare medical condition that forces him to move around constantly in order to avoid blood clots, which forces him into hilarious situations as he tries to adapt to this new way of living, as well as finding and navigating romance in his life.

Eswed Melawen

Eswed Melawen is a romantic comedy starring Rana Raies as Farah, a popular and successful wedding planner who wishes, for once, to be the one walking down the aisle and not the one decorating it. In her attempts to make this wish come true, Farah seeks out the help of a psychiatrist to help her find herself and true love, which puts her in a series of hilarious situations and interactions until she finds prince charming. The movie also stars Bayoumy Fouad and the recently popular mahraganat singer Essam Sasa.

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