You’ll love Jones The Grocer New Cheese Subscription

Everyone loves a warm slice of pizza, a fresh charcuterie board or some slices of cheese with crackers. If you’re living in the UAE, you’ll be delighted to hear that Jones The Grocer is offering a monthly cheese subscription package, which will allow you to enjoy a finely selected package of cheeses to cater to your needs. Whether you like indulging in cheese as part of your culinary routine in the kitchen or exploring different dishes, various packages can suit your taste or your budget. If you’re not a cheese lover, this is also a perfect gift for anyone who loves cheese.

With each subscription you get to enjoy a delicious variety of cheeses and a complimentary preserve to enjoy it with.

What you can expect


This is a new tasting experience that will allow you to enjoy cheeses with different aromas, textures, flavours, and tastes. In addition to this, you can discover which pairings you’d love with the cheeses. It’s an entire culinary experience where you’re free to expand your taste palette by introducing various cheeses into your diet. Whether you want to enjoy a solo cheese dish or create a special platter to share this summer, the various options for the cheese dish will have something available for you.

Subscription options available

One month for 209 AED – This is perfect as a once-off gift or just to test out the subscription plan.

Three months for 599 AED – If you’re looking for a longer option, this is the best option for you.

Six months for 1135 AED – This also includes a free Boska Professional cheese Copenhagen Set. and gives you packages for half of the year,

Nine months for 1675 AED – Your nine-month subscription will also include a complimentary

Boska Professional cheese Amigo Set

One year for 2199 AED – This full-year subscription comes with a complimentary Riedel vinum stem Sauvignon Blanc 2-piece set

The perks of the subscription

You’ll get the packages delivered to Abu Dhabi and Dubai for free, eliminating the hassle of leaving to go and collect them for yourself. These are a perfect addition if you’re hosting dinner parties or want to try out some new cooking recipes over the summer. It’s delivered on the last Friday of each month. You’ll also learn a lot about the variety of flavours and textures of cheese.

Where to subscribe

Getting this subscription is very simple; just visit the official website of Jones The Grocer Store and follow the instructions on their website.

Hopefully, this article informed you of a great deal this summer that will pique your interest.

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