The Arts of Self-Expression: 6 Hobbies to Unwind and Get Your Feelings In


Self-expression is an art, and a lost one at that. Between the hustle of modern day life and the pressures of social media, we tend to forget about the hobbies and passions that spark a light in us. So, we’re here to remind you of all the different forms of art you can practice that foster creativity, reduce stress, and enhance your overall mental wellbeing.

Art Painting

What’s a better way to express your self than through the art of lines, brushstrokes, and vibrant colors? with endless possibilities all laid out on a single canvas, drawing and painting gives you the opportunity to express yourself creatively, get in touch with your self and your emotions, and relax.


Not to act like the Sylvia Plath of our generation or anything, but writing really is one of the most powerful arts of self-expression, and definitely one that is can help you let out those pent up emotions. Whether it be through journaling or creative writing, letting your thoughts flow into a beautiful string of words can help you de-stress, process your emotions, and get those creative juices flowing!


Did you know that your body stores trauma? stress? anxiety? well, it does. More specifically in the hips, so turn up your favorite dance playlist and get those hips moving! listening to your favorite songs and moving your body to the beat is a foolproof way to release pent up energy and improve your mood to the better.


Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? channeling your pent up stress into making some delicious baked goods for yourself or your loved ones will not only help you de-stress, but also give you a delicious (maybe chocolate-y?) treat to boost your mood and satisfy your sweet tooth. Just like painting, baking is an art which allows you to express yourself in a creative (and delicious) way by experimenting with different ingredients and flavors.


As basic as it sounds, meditation really is they key to a calm mind. Meditative practices like meditation, yoga, and tai chi all promote a sense of inner grounding and peace that help you unwind and release the stress of everyday life. With the additional various health and fitness benefits that they provide, these meditative arts allow you to simultaneously take care both of your mental and physical wellbeing.


Get your hands dirty! there’s nothing more calming for your mind and soul than touching some grass-literally. Dipping your hands into some soil and breathing life into a beautiful garden will calm your mind in the most therapeutic way, like nourishing another living soul nourishes yours back in return. It doesn’t even have to be anything grand, just a cute house plant or a small flower pot.

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