What to do if your friend told you they need therapy?

Most of us need therapy, we really do. But some don’t just acknowledge it yet. And others know and just deny it, so when someone accepts the fact that they need to seek professional help, it’s important to know how to deal with it. 

  1. Never tell them they don’t need it.

if someone says they need therapy, then they do! Don’t tell them it’s fixable, don’t tell them it will go away because if they are reaching out to someone professional, then it’s clearly not going away. 

  1. Never joke about them being crazy.

Even if they say that they are crazy, you don’t say it. People who need therapy are not crazy and it’s not funny if you call them that. Please, don’t.

  1. “You can talk to me”

Yeah, they know they can, they just don’t want to anymore. They know you are there for them and they know you want to help, but they need more than that now, so accept the fact that you are not as helpful as you want and don’t feel guilty about it because I’m sure you did your absolute best.

  1. “You seem normal, why do you think you need therapy?”

There is nothing not normal about people who go to therapy. They just want to figure out their problems and work on that. They’re trying to make their lives better so stop trying to tell them not to go in a lot of different ways because it is normal to take care of your mental health.

  1. I understand. I get you. And I support you.

3 words that work like magic. Tell them you accept them, tell them you understand their pain and their need to seek help. Tell them you support them and that you’ll always do. Make them feel comfortable, supported and that it is fine that they need therapy. Tell them how strong they are for taking this decision and how much you love them for doing this. Maybe take them yourself and wait for them outside -(if they allow you too)- to make them feel less lonely and more loved.

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