we had a talk with gen-z magazine Saturdaze

Tell us abit about both of you. 

Hello! Our names are Charlie Slan and Allana Campbell and we are the Editor in Chiefs of Saturdaze Magazine. Allana and I are high school juniors from Los Angeles, California, which is where our zine is based. We are young creatives who are passionate about curating print issues and online content for our audience. 

What made you start this magazine?

Saturdaze Magazine was established in May of 2020. We decided to start Saturdaze as a creative outlet for the two of us. Charlie and I have been best friends for the past 17 years, so naturally, starting something together was a given. It was actually Charlie who called me and suggested that we start a zine. I loved the idea and we began designing the magazine and our website (www.saturdazemagazine.com <3)

What does saturdaze stand for?

The name Saturdaze Magazine represents the best days of our lives. Saturdaze is a play on words regarding our favorite day of the week- Saturday. Our zine reflects the best moments in life and our content expresses happiness, empowerment, and inclusivity. 

What are some goals you hope to achieve with saturdaze?

Definitely an interview with Devon Lee Carlson. Allana and I are die hard Devon fans. From her style to her smile, she’s our WCW (woman crush Wednesday). Other goals we have are starting a podcast and making merchandise. We really love being part of the zine community, and cannot wait to connect to our audience in as many ways as possible. 

what would u like to tell your readers?

Thank you for all the love and support you’ve given to our magazine. Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration, creativity, and motivation. We love you all! Be creative and be kind <333.

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