#Youth reports

A few weeks ago we asked a bunch of teenagers to go to different places and become reporters for the day, and they didn’t disappoint us! from restaurants to deserts lets take a look on these places:

Note: This is neither an ad nor is it sponsored just places around Cairo we genuinely like

1) Taiyaki

If you are a fan of waffles, ice cream or both this place is for you. Just the right balance between ice cream and waffles with a Japanese twist. They have some wild flavors like charcoal and matcha ice cream, i honeslty never thought green tea can be paired with ice cream yet taiykai sure
did impress us with this adventurous experience Also no need to worry if you feel lost in choosing the right flavors because you are going to meet THE FRIENDLIEST TEAM EVER

Report by: Sara Sherif

2) White dessert

If you are looking for a new thing to do or a new adventure, then camping is your way to go. Since camping is all about enjoying the view and the company, there is no doubt that you will definitely be thrilled by the marvelous view of the white desert, especially during the sunset. There is plenty of fun to be found there. It is crucial to mention that the weather is extremely cold at night so don’t forget to bring extra clothes and blankets other than that you will have the time of your life.

Report by: Tahagod Mohamed

3) Cairoma

Have you ever wanted to taste the thin crust Italian pizza? If yes, I got you a place that will make you feel the Italian vibes, from the place’s designs to the authentic Italian flavor.  Cairoma in bab al louq, Cairo, Egypt, has the best Italian pizza I tasted in Cairo. Their appetizers are a strong section too! especially the garlic bread. The prices are reasonable also the staff are friendly and helpful, overall the place is cool especially if you go there with your friends ( They have vegetarian options too)

Report by: Omar waleed

4) Wadidegla protecteur

Waddell protector encloses several mountains with high peaks inside them. They contain endangered species, that cannot be hunted by humans as its unlawful. The entrance is rugged and rocky as it’s built to be fierce and barren. you can do a myriad of amusements there. Firstly, learning how to attain a tent is a skill you’ll never neglect. Secondly, if you admire cooking this is the most favorable place to do barbeque. Are you a sports lover? I bet you won’t regret The cycling highway!!  You can bring your bike and contest with different cyclists. With the desert natural outdoor, splendor location; you can do parties such as: playing high music as the night goes. ( perfect for those upcoming sa7l nights 😉

Report by: Mariam Ahmed

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