The founders behind your favorite platforms & businesses

From the moment I started youth hub, my stalking activities shifted from celebrities to creators & entrepreneurs behind some of my favorite platforms & brands looking through their posts from the time where their brand was still an idea ( yes, I stalked this far) to where they are right now fill me with so much happiness and motivation. The people mentioned below have worked tirelessly to take their brand to the place it is at rn and if that isn’t motivational enough to make you follow your dreams I don’t know what is. Anyways if any of you guys are reading this rn, let’s be friends 🙂

1. Mohamed Mahmoud aka ma7ame7o

When I hear the word success, the first person the crosses my mind is Mohamed, He is the founder of @gossipsonline_ yes, the account behind your favorite celebrity interviews! the content they produce is both Hilarious and gives you an insight into the unfiltered life of the person they are interviewing So, if you want a good laugh, you know where to go 😉

2. Passant Faheem

Aside from being a badass sociology teacher and the feminist she is, Passant is the co-founder of @stamps.egy a travel agency that’s taken out of your Pinterest board don’t believe me? check it out! did I also mention that she is a university student? like girl, tell us how you do it

3. Raghda el sayed

Raghda el sayed the founder of is a literal girl boss. El shai is an entertainment/lifestyle magazine that has been doing big things since it was first published last September & I absolutely love how their nature of publication is very real and unapologetic no matter who or what they are talking about not to mention that she is an Amazing photographer so pls check some of the celebrity shots she has taken while you’re at it.

4. Kareem Abou Gamrah

Founder of crowds favorite @thepeacecake, Kareem Abou Gamrah and the rest of the peace cake team are the reason behind a lot of our laughs whether its emsek nafsak or romanseya manseya their shows never fails to put a smile on our faces

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