Arab Youth We’re Excited To See on our Screens this Ramadan

With Ramadan just days away, it’s almost time to binge-watch mosalsalat again! While some shows may seem repetitive and boring, there are definitely some releases this year we’re excited for – but are even more excited to see the stars!


1. Malak Ahmed Zaher

Daughter of the famous actor Ahmed Zaher (of course, the genes run in the family), Malak will be starring in “Nesl ElA`rab” this year. We’ve been seeing her more on screen lately, so we’re excited to see what she’ll bring to the show!

2. Hassan Malek

Starring alongside Amina Khalil and Mohamed Mamdouh, we are PROUD to see Hassan Malek in “Khali Balak Men Zizi” this ramadan. Seriously, if you haven’t watched the trailer, do so right now!

3. Ahmed Malek & Ahmed Dash

Two of our favorite young male actors who quickly made their way up to stardom, we’re ecstatic to say they’ll also be starring in “Nesl ElA`rab” with Malak Zaher !! You better watch this one! 

4. Mayan Elsayed

Social media’s latest favorite star, Mayan’s starring in multiple series this Ramadan (you go girl!), but one we’d especially like to point out is “Harb Ahleya”. She’ll be acting with Youssra, so make sure not to miss out on this dynamic duo! 

5. Nour Ehab

Also starring in multiple series this Ramadan such as “Le`bet Newton” and “Ded Elkasr”, this sweetheart definitely has us pumped for her appearances. 

6. Jamila Awad

When we say we have a special place in our hearts for her, we truly mean it. She’ll also be starring in “Harb Ahleya” along with Mayan Elsayed and Youssra. Could it get any better than this?

7. Khaled Anwar

Starring in “El Nemr”, we are stoked for Khaled’s appearance in this one. He never fails to impress, so we can only wait! You can also check out the trailer for this one online!

8. Rana Raeis 

Another actress who quickly rose to fame, Rana will be starring in “Dl Ragel” and “El `Abkary Doctor Yehia ElFakharany” this year! She’s a sweetheart on camera, so we’ll definitely be seeing more than that.

The lineup this Ramadan looks like one of the best so far, with so many young actors & actresses coming into the spotlight – we’re super happy that they’re getting the recognition they finally deserve. So, check out some trailers and figure out what you’ll be watching! 

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