we asked your favorite bloggers/stylists what their fav winter tips are

one cant deny that fashion has always, and will forever be one of the biggest topics humans care about! So, we asked a few stylists for fashion and tips to bless your winter, and here they are.

– @mariaschronicles

“Investing in a good pair of mid-calf black boots will make you look slimmer, and keep you warm in the winter. Notice the difference between the two pictures. You can also achieve this elongated silhouette by pairing dark colored socks with dark shoes and tucking your pants into the socks.”

– @mostafawaheed & @dressedbytaya

both agreed on layering

“if I am giving a tip it would be layering layering layering always looks nice in winter.” Mostafa said

“For me, winter is all about Layering! It’s my favorite thing to do in winter. Don’t be afraid to pile up on the layers, other than it being a very practical way to dress in this cold weather, the volume it creates looks super cool. Or my favorite winter look is a white plain shirt with a short sweater and a leather jacket” Taya agreed aswell

– @Sarabahaa1

“If you’re going to work and have another appointment after work, beige with layers of warmth will give you a comfort and elegance look”.

– @dressupbyjay

“Styling oversized T-shirts, sweatshirts, and blazers as dresses on some tights and knee-high boots or chunky sneakers can make anyy outfit look effortless yet edgy and chic (especially with blazers). You can also layer with turtlenecks or coats on top to add more to the look and I almost ALWAYS add a belt too because it snatched the waist (and we always wanna look snatched do we not?)”

Last but definitely not least, @ghadaabahaa

“invest in a few of these high-quality knit scarves and your neck will be so warm all winter long you’ll forget what it was like to feel a winter chill. Go for neutral colors that will go with everything in your closet.”

These tips are as warm and comfortable as they seem, and we can guarantee! Let us know if you liked this, and hopefully, we can make more fashion related posts in the future!

Written by: Malak El Dawy

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