more about trend dominated series: Lo2 lo2

It is noteworthy that the series “Lo2lo2′” achieved record numbers in viewing and was leading the trend in several Arab countries like Jordan, Egypt, and Tunisia.

The story talks about lo2lo2 a poor orphan girl that went through traumatic experiences in her childhood, after she leaves the orphanage she meets Tarek Nassar ( Ahmed zahir ) who falls In love with her and helps her launch into the sky of stardom and the world of wealth. The story gets more thrilling as its revealed that Tarek has a secret daughter, Mena, ( Malak Ahmed zahir) from his assistant at work and lo2lo2 enters a new love story with Boda ( Sharnouby) and competes with her rival camelia ( Yasmine el feky) on the signer of the middle east title

At first, a lot of people charged Mai Omar with the usual accusation of relying on her husband, director Mohamed Sami, but they were soon shut off as the young star has proven her worth in her first starring series in fact soon after the release of the first episode video clips and songs from the series dominated the trend of YouTube in most Arab countries and still is to this day.

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