Haley Morales talked to us about the new album and how much money she makes

A few days ago we made you guys ask youtuber and singer Haley morales your juicy questions and we are here to serve you the answers. enjoy!

– [ ] what do u do when you’re at your lowest or whenever you’re feeling terrible?

I tell myself everything happens for a reason and watch Netflix and drink strawberry milk 🙂

– [ ] How’s ur mental health currently?

it’s really good, I’m happy with myself and with the people around me

– [ ] What’s your hog warts house?

I have absolutely no idea 🙁

– [ ] Would I ever do a zoom performance?

when my new song comes out I will!

– [ ] when will the album be done?

I’m coming out with singles first, then an ep. so not an album for a while. but the next single is coming up in early 2021!

– [ ] How much money do u make?

much less than I used to haha but it’s okay! I’m happy <3

– [ ] what is one thing you would tell your younger self?

everything happens for a reason but you have to stand up for yourself and not let anyone walk all over you

– [ ] if you had the chance to go back to physics school, would you go?

thinking you meant public school haha, I would never in a million years go back.

– [ ] who’s an artist you hate/dislike?

I honestly like all artists! I’ve had my ups and down with some influencers but who doesn’t?

– [ ] what do you see for yourself in the future?

I see myself moving to la and hopefully getting big in music. it’s my dream!

– [ ] message to her fans!

I love you so much! please never give up and dm me if you ever need help. i wouldn’t be anywhere without you

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