Top 5 Shahid Releases we are Definitely Excited for

summer holiday is here and we finally have months of relief, so, movies and shows of Shahid have always been part of our relaxation plan in summer, friends nights, and exciting discussions about what happened in yesterday’s episode! Since Shahid has never disappointed us when we’re looking for something to watch while eating on the couch after a cold shower, let me introduce you to the most waited upcoming releases from Shahid!

1. Re7la 404

Few days before her flight to Mecca for Hajj, Ghada has to deal with a financial crisis that forces her to face struggles with her past, her inner-conflict, and the two worlds she has fallen between. The movie has got all the big names we love: starred by Mona Zaki, Mohammad Farrag, Mohammed Mamdouh, and Shereen Reda, written by Mohammad Ragaa, and directed by the brilliant Hany Khalifa. As someone who watched this in cinema, this movie is a highly recommended piece of art that will leave you astonished! The movie has been released since June 17th.

2. Moftaraq Toroq

If you liked “the Good Wife”, this new trending series from Shahid is inspired by the American drama series. Amira has to face her new fate by getting back to her old job after being a house wife for years as her husband is threatened by a huge scandal! Sounds thrilling, isn’t it? The series is starred by Hend Sabri, Eyad Nassar, Hoda El Mofti, Maged El Masry, and great deal of amazing actors and actresses. The series has been released since the 2nd of June.

3. No Way Up

For action lovers, a new thrilling and popular kind of action is now released. When a plane is crashed in the Pacific, the survivors have to fight against a shark that threatens their lives. This movie is a highly recommended thriller for action lovers. The movie is starred by Sophie Mclntosh, Colm Meaney, and great deal of amazing actors. This has also been newly released this month.

4. The Esports World Cup (EWC)

Shahid certainly haven’t forgotten gamers! So, do not forget to watch the world cup competitors on July 3rd. The competition features 22 competitors across 21 games, such as Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends. This makes this tournament the biggest ever. The tournament shall be in Riyadh.

5. Le3bt El7ob

If you’re looking for the light rom-com series, Le3bt El7ob, inspired by the Turkish love drama, is a new Lebanese release of shahid, starred by Moatassem El Nahar and Nour Ali. The story revolves around a love game played by Sama, the poor girl who works for Malik, the rich guy.

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