Arts of Self-expression: 4 Fabulous Hobbies to Discover yourself

Noting illustrates what we are like creation and production. For this reason, hobbies have been always creative ways to express ourselves. We don’t have to be talented also to express our true selves through hobbies. Psychologically, self-expression through art and hobbies gives the desired relief and peace, especially through anger. It makes us avoid So, let me show you what kind of arts and hobbies you can express your self through:

1. Paint!

It is not necessary to be talented. Art is not about talent. Its aim and purpose are to express our feelings in a different way. Painting is another form of writing. Scratch your thoughts on paper, canvas, or any form of nature, even if your painting is just a hyper scratch. Use different materials and colors and take out all energy to feel relief thereafter. Make your art like a poem that expresses what’s going on inside you. No one has to understand your painting, your understanding and energy of your painting is what really matters. You can start drawing mandala if you are seeking patience and self-expression through rigor, or even absurd self-portraits which shall help you see the evolution of your view of yourself! painting in these cases shall release the negative feelings inside you and substitute them with feelings of achievement and high self-image.

2. Photography has been always an option too!

Yeah, got you! Painting exhausts you and you are that kind of person who doesn’t prefer this type of self-expression. Photography is an alternative then, through which you can express yourself through nature, people’s faces, streets, lights, or even your face, body, and clothes. Let the camera capture all your moments, good ones and bad ones. Having a special signature or aesthetic in your photos and videos can help you vent out what you feel through this special and specific style of you. Recording and capturing your moments and memories will also help you to recognize who you are and what kind of person you really are and what kind of person you aspire for. This is a highly recommended free hobby that is easy to develop and gives you the pleasure of capturing your different selves. You can inspire your vision by following some distinguished photographers like Ahmed Mostafa.

3. Baking cuz violence isn’t a solution!

Cooking and baking especially can be an artistic form of self-expression, with shape, taste, and smell! nothing makes us feel good like achievement even if it is a small thing. yes, maybe cooking is not your passion or you have not tried but as someone who tried to bake in a bad time, this feels amazingly good when you get the hot fluffy brownish croissants out of the oven! Baking has always been a loyal friend through breakups, girls night, or family gathering. you can always express how you feel through the shape of your cake, the fruits, and syrups. If you want to learn from scratch and make art through baking, you can follow brilliantly talented chefs like Zoha Malik, and Aya& Alaa El Garhy

4. Hobbies that Suit the Challenger you are!

You are not that kind of person who find their voice or self through meticulously performed hobbies. You are a runner, a challenger maybe! you love to vent out what you feel through competition and playing. You obviously like to be part of a team sometimes. you are definitely then into chess, running, tennis, squash, cross-fit, or any kind of sports. You find your voice through winning and achievement. this kind of self-expression has always been amazing in how it is an kind of relief and meaning of life for some people. some people depend on their challenging hobbies as livelihood. Support is the food of their living, self-expression, and meaning of their life and existence. If you feel this suits you as means of self-expression, Functional Fitness for cross-fit is highly recommended place for you after working out and gym stages of course!

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