5 Friendship Green Flags as your Ultimate guide for the Forever Friendships

As we have referred previously to friendship red flags, and since our utmost goal of companionship is making life better and more bearable, as also we all crave genuine and true friendships in which we can be comfortable and pleased, here is your guide to the ‘must’ green flags that have to be found in our healthy friendships:

1. Respecting boundaries
Boundaries are always the key to the success or failure of our relationships. Friendships sometimes reach the stage of siblings and thus boundaries may disappear which can ruin friendships because boundaries are required even between siblings.

So, the good friend will always respect your personal and emotional space. Respecting boundaries includes never interfering or making changes to your room, your relationships with people, taking your stuff, or making decisions on your behalf. The right friend will not interrupt your speech, and will give attention to you while you speak and listen carefully.

2. Trustworthiness and non-judgmental attitude
This is a basic green flag that must be in your close circle. Good friends must always be trustful and secret keepers. They also must never judge you for what you tell, as they should be your safe space to give you the right advice. This can be noticed when they listen to you without jumping to conclusions, wait till you finish, and then ask if they can give you their advice or opinion. The good friend will accept your mistakes as you should accept his as well.

From my personal experience as someone who suffered from this issue in their friendships, never settle for a friend who can expose or threaten you using your secrets or judge you later after you tell them something. Test your new friends by a gradual trust so you can keep your heart safe from breaking. In this regard, one of the most effective discussions about this matter is in episode ‘Friendship challenges and advice session’ with Emma on Spotify.

3. Holding your back
No need to tell you that the biggest green flag in your friendship is when you stand for each other in troubles and fights. The right friend will defend you in any situation even if they know you are wrong then tell you the right thing in private. The right friend will not be friends with your enemies. She hates your awful ex as much as you hate him. The right friend will help you and send you the material to study.

They will always try to make you shine and look good in your eyes and in people’s eyes. They will always make you love yourself and confident. The true friend will always show you what’s good in you and make you accept your flaws.

4. Comfortably sitting in silence together
You don’t always have to fill the time with conversation or feel the pressure to create a conversation sometimes when you are together. Hence, it is a green flag when you can sit with each other on the couch, tired a bit or have no ability to talk right now and be okay with it without feeling embarrassment or anxiety. This indicates how comfortable you are together, as you are constantly connected even if you are scrolling tik toks, reading books, watching a movie, or even just sitting quietly.

5. Understanding change and character development
You will definitely understand what I mean if you have childhood friends. Some of them have been lost and others still in contact, but do you know why? Maturing of your characters can make profound changes to your friendship, but the green flag is seen in that friend who understands your growth and development.

He/she is mature enough to understand that you are getting older as they also are getting older and changing. You encourage each other to try new hobbies and careers of the new adulthood stage you are starting. Supporting each other this way as you get older is an amazing green flag and signifies your mutual maturity and constant understanding of each other instead of just clinging to old selves.

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