Here Are the Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Run to Dubai This October.

‘Tis the season and everyone is exhilarated to make their fall memories! What better place is there to spend your fall than the arab city that never sleeps?! If I were you, I’d book the nearest flight to Dubai because we’ve collected the most amusing ways to spend your October here. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, Dubai will surely cater to your nature!

Yoko Sizzlers is Sizzling!

As they honour teachers this October, Yoko Sizzlers are giving free sizzling brownies this teachers’ day. As soon as you show your teacher ID to the waiters, you will be welcome with a free sizzling brownie per every purchase you make! Wouldn’t you just love the free succulent block of ice cream, adorned by nuts of various flavours and chocolate sauce be your companion in celebrating your relentless devotion as a teacher?

Khalid Is Live!

2018’s superstar is coming to Dubai. From within the essence of Dubai itself, Khaled will bring on a show of pure euphoria and enthusiasm. What better way is there to end October with the R&B king of the music industry?

Amr Diab Is On His Way Too!

Something about Amr Diab is magical. Thankfully, he has brought his magic to Dubai! Live from the same arena as Khalid, you can buy your tickets through here and enjoy the night of your lives!

50% Discount at Danube Sports

Danube Sports World, UAE’s largest indoor sports facility, is offering a 50% discount on all sports activities! Ranging from Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, and Table Tennis to Padel, the most loved sports and all your athletic wishes are at their command! Join them during their happy hours from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 3 pm on all sports activities.

Dhaba Lane Al Nahda Is Offering a Once-in-a-Lifetime Offer.

We’ve all seen the extravagant Gold Kulfi Sticks on TikTok and wondered to ourselves…How? How do people save up to 22K just to be spent on a temporary meal?! Well, you’re lucky because Dhaba Lane Al Nahda has reduced its complimentary 22K Gold Kulfi Stick to just AED 45. This offer is valid from 12 pm – 4 pm Monday to Friday! I wouldn’t miss out on such a reasonable luxury!

Kanul Kupar is Tantalizing Taste Buds!

The prominent chef Kunal Kapur has introduced his pincode for a truly diverse meal – one that serves countless purposes. If you can’t find an appropriate setting for your business meeting, then you surely haven’t heard of the Business Lunch – “The Executive Spread.” Monday to Thursday between 12 pm and 4 pm starting at AED 69.

Love Through Loss.


From its name, this particular event is exploring a very deep theme this October in Dubai. We all lose and perhaps what pains the soul the most is the loss of a loved one. Imagine losing your kid before they even have a chance at this Earth. The event will take place online on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th of October, followed by an in-person Afternoon of Remembrance on Sunday 15th of October for the Global Wave of Light, 5:30 – 7:30 pm at Nature Escapes, Al Barari, Dubai, with the Global Wave of Light taking place at 7 pm.

Dubai Fashion Week 2.0!

Every fashion enthusiast’s favourite time of the year! We’re thrilled to announce that Dubai Fashion Week is arriving again this year! Elite fashion designers from all around the world are joining collectively to refine the term ‘fashion’ in Dubai and turn the city into another fortress of elegance and fashion.

Noodle Dates!

With National Noodle Day approaching on Friday, October 6, there is no way to celebrate everyone’s favourite midnight snack except by indulging in noodles prepared by their true masters! Not only are the noodles divine, but the offers are too! Now, a single portion of noodles is just AED 15 per person, which is a staggering discount from the normal starting price of AED 48! 

Pilates & Dance studio by Yasmin Karachiwala

Accepting and working with bodies of all kinds, PAD (Pilates & Dance) is the perfect wellness place for moving a little and releasing all that pent-up energy! And no…You don’t need to be an expert or a dance enthusiast! You just need some positive energy to get out of bed and right into the Pad studio.

Redecorating or Planning a Cozy Setting? Run to Suncoast!

Since October is here, that means you’ll have to go out more and enjoy the sweater weather! Suncoast has ensured that whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, your outdoor experiences are alleviated. Through their comfortable and snug furniture, your winter will truly be one to remember!

Dave’s Hot Chicken Is Coming to Dubai Mall!

Dave’s Hot Chicken, one of LA’s most renowned street food businesses, has expanded its horizons to the East of the globe – Dubai. So if you were considering spending the winter elsewhere, then you should neglect your other options and come to Dubai because now, you can explore everything around the world from the essence of Dubai!

Enjoy Cricket Games at Roaring Rabbit’s Winter Garden

The British Gastro Sports Club is now collaborating with Pangea to create the most exhilarating spot for watching all of your favourite cricket games! Starting at just AED 35, match-time munchies are available in case you’d like to enjoy snacks during the games. Not only are the prices and vibes perfect for all cricket enthusiasts but Roaring Rabbit provides live band music as well as engaging games!

Join a Wellness Community at Paus!

Paus is a place that’s more than an ordinary café. Having a predominant aim of catering to everyone’s wellness, Paus is a café that brings together a sympathetic community of people who elevate your mind and soul into a state of ever-lasting peace and tranquillity. After you enjoy one of their succulent mains, join one of their workshops for a remarkable change!

In Need of a Vibrant Music Festival? Hyde Weekender Is Here!

With a divine and breathtaking view lying ahead of you, the Hyde lobby will absolutely refine your typical music or ‘concert’ experience. Perhaps, what makes the Hyde Weekender festival so exhilarating is the presence of the live radio broadcast by BeatFM, which will lift your spirits into a state of relentless ecstasy and vitality! After the party, you can join their exclusive afterparty at Hudson Tavern if you have time to enjoy the succulent Japanese cuisine at Katsuya.

On Pinktobers, We Wear Blue!

Reminds you of something? Well, at The UnPink Ribbon, they do it a tad differently! Now that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here, it is the perfect time to learn, raise awareness and express your thoughts against Corporate Cancer. If you’d like to partake in an educational workshop by Dr Rajul Matkar (an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist) while trying out the other broad range of activities they’ll have there, then come dressed in strictly blue to Dubai Digital Park and register here for free!

You Think You Can Handle Spicy? Hangry Joe Says Otherwise…👀

Hangry Joe’s is a unique Nashville-style hot chicken chain with locations in the US, Dubai, and Korea. Founded in City Walk, Dubai, with the purpose of offering the greatest chicken sandwich in town, alongside a variety of heat levels, Hangry Joe’s just launched their “Can You Handle The Heat” Spice Challenges, which provide the chance to win fantastic prizes!

The Vegan Market at Zabeel House Is Returning!

Now, when we say ‘diversity’, we also mean lifestyle choices and decisions! Luckily, the prominent Zabeel House by Jumeirah took that into careful consideration and is returning with the fifth edition of “Not Just for Vegans”, a popular plant-based market. The Vegan Market at Zabeel House is changing the hotel lobby into an eco-conscious realm, offering a broad variety of sustainable and vegan goods ranging from desserts, handcrafted sauces, and vegan sweets to accessories, jewellery, and beauty items.

Indulge in Ida Bakery & Bistro’s Dining Selections

Ida Bakery & Bistro, located on the bustling Downtown Boulevard, is inviting clients to join its exhilarating environment and enjoy a beautiful bistro cuisine loaded with mouthwatering favourites and trademark dishes. The indigenous bakery & cafe, designed with absolute simplicity, emanates a peaceful spirit in the centre of the city and is the best go-to for freshly prepared food in an exquisite environment.

Take a Break!

Privèe Home Spa is offering a complimentary LED colour-based facial every 90-minute massage. The groundbreaking masks come in seven distinct colours to help you tackle key skin issues! If you’d like to understand and learn more about the benefits of each colour, click here!

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