10 Creative Gifts for People Who Have Everything If You’re All Out of Ideas

Do you know the type of person that just has it all? Here are some gift ideas for those friends that are tougher to buy things for.

1. Personalized charm

Gifting someone a customized charm on a bracelet or necklace is a sentimental way to honour important names, words, phrases, dates or even an inside joke! It also creates a unique piece of jewellery for your friend. You can buy a customized charm here.

2. A filled in scrapbook

Fill a scrapbook with your favorite memories with your friend. It’s a great personalized gift that does take time and effort and a bit of a creative spirit, although is very rewarding in the end. Here is a scrapbook you can fill.

3. Cute Cardholder

A cardholder is a surprisingly handy item to have attached to your phone that a lot of people dont think of to buy. It does’nt even need to hold all your cards, just the ones you need when you’re grabbing your phone and going. It’s especially useful if you’re a college student with an access card for your dorm. You can buy a cute cardholder here.

4. Care Package

Everyone needs a little TLC from time to time, and you can facilitate that buy giving your friend a care package! Don’t fancy making one from scratch? You can buy one here.

5. Mindfulness Cards

No matter who you are, we could all use a little bit of mindfulness in our lives. These cards can help with just that; an efficient way to give a mindful touch to your life. You can buy them here.

6. Weighted Blanket


A weighted blanket is a comforting gift for anyone. A great relief to anxiety and more, you’ll be surprised at the utility of this blanket. You can buy one here.

7. Gift cards

Cant choose for your friend? Let them choose for themselves! You can get a custom gift card here.

8. Halloween Chocolate Mold

Create cute chocolates or other treats with these handy molds. With Halloween coming up, this can be a timely gift for your friend. You can buy some here.

9. Portable charger

A portable charger is a handy tool to carry with you for those days where your battery runs out and you’re in a pinch. You can buy one here.

10. Halloween Advent Calendar

A novelty Halloween advent calendar can be a great gift for someone counting down to the spookiest holiday of the year. You can buy one here.

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