Everything You Need to Know About Dubai Fashion Week Happening This October.

We don’t know what you’re doing if you haven’t marked your calendars from the 9th to the 15th of October! Another fashion week is coming to Dubai. Yes, you heard that correctly! The Spring Summer 2024 collection is birthing a revolutionizing era of glamour, prestige and creativity.

As Dubai aims to mark its spot on the leaderboard for cities and epitomes of fashion, it’s implementing its five elements of D.U.B.A.I.: Diversity; Unity; Business; Ambition and Innovation. After Dubai’s first-ever FW hit in March 2023, experts and fans anticipate the same standards of style, elegance and creativity through the second week of October.

Kicking off the fall season with a surprise, Caroline Herrera – who is one of the industry’s most prominent luxury houses incorporating Fashion and Beauty – is set to inaugurate Dubai Fashion Week SS24.


With such exciting details, we can tell that the presentation will not only go down in Dubai’s history, but it shall top any other exceptional fashion week. Followed by the presentation is the board of permanent designers on the DFW design committee, who intricately weave art into the captivating fashion of the decade.

One note-worthy testament to acknowledge is Khadija Al Bastaki, who is the Senior Vice President of Dubai Design District. Stating “Dubai made a grand entrance onto the global stage with the launch of DFW. The event pushes the boundaries of style and design in the region, bringing forth innovative and world-class talent from around the world.”

Only such an enticing statement by the executive director of Dubai Design District can truly ignite the fashion spirits back to life. Paving its way into a landscape of diversity and history, DFW is, once again, staging a remarkable experience for all participants and viewers.

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