Reliving 2019 TikTok: How to know if you are an “Okokokok” or a “Lalalala” person

2019 saw the release of the song “see you again” by Tyler the Creator and Kali Uchis which is now the inspiration behind Tikok’s latest trend “lalalala or okokokok”, where everyone who supposedly gives a certain vibe is either a lalalala or okokokok person. But how to find which vibe you give?

While there is no accurate answer to this, TikTok has set some standards for us to compare to. Here is what everyone had to say!


Are the extroverted ones, the life of the party, and the golden retrievers. They are spontaneous and clumsy, and above all else, they love chatting and storytelling. They are the sarcastic type, always telling jokes and becoming friends with everyone they meet instantly and they are the most enthusiastic people around, but they are also soft, shy, and laugh at all the wrong times. They give Serena in Gossip Girl and Chandler in Friends.

  • Lover and hopeless romantics
  • Colourful clothes and passionates  
  • Delusional and bubbly
  • Kind Hearted and generous


Are the people who listen to your unstoppable rant and give great advice. They give black cats energy, aren’t afraid to speak up, and have a laid-back, carefree attitude. They are a bit socially awkward but more mature, know how to handle their problems on their own and become more open when they feel comfortable around you. They give Maddie in Euphoria and Conrad in the summer I turned pretty

  • Autumn and Night people 
  • Opinionated and ambitious 
  • Straightforward and confident 
  • Listener  

Many websites have tests to determine which vibe you give because people are still unsure from TikTok about which is whose; however, a lot of people, give a mixture of both or even some might’ve figured out other parts of the song and linked it to their distinctive style and traits, so there is no right or wrong way to know this

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