TikTok and INJAZ UAE: 2 Forces Paving a Fruitful Path for the Youth

When 2 of the most powerful and influential platforms around the globe collab together, you know something magnificent has come along the way! TikTok (which really does not require introductions) and INJAZ UAE, a force aiming to develop the youth’s entrepreneurial and economic skills, have decided to cooperate together in order to plan ahead. Within the very essence of Dubai on the 14th of March, both platforms have come together to produce some of the most enlightening panel discussions and workshops you might know about!

TikTok and INJAZ Teach!

TikTok, INJAZ UAE and Dubai Future Foundation have brought forward their expert leaders to discuss and explore how to bridge the gap between non-governmental organizations (NGOs), private organizations as well as traditional and digital occupations. With all those quite confusing terms, the panel discussion helped attendees understand how to prepare for that in the actual workforce.

Tiktok and INJAZ Apply!

After raising awareness whilst providing the ultimate tips and tricks, a series of interactive workshops followed the panel discussion. The workshops allowed guests to turn their fresh knowledge and insights into immediate action – particularly when INJAZ UAE hosted a session on work readiness and skills, which untangled the important skills required for youth to thrive in their future!

Some Celebrity Surprises

Anas Shattara (better known as Anas Talks) who is an award-winning education influencer and TikTok creator conducted a workshop showcasing how emerging influencers and digital entrepreneurs can develop a mighty footprint on whatever platform they use. Through his personal experiences and expertise, Anas demonstrated how to forge a professional yet distinguished presence on social media!

Anas painted a portrait of the significant effect of social media since its emergence as a potentially profitable path. The conversation continued with a second workshop by the TikTok MENA team revealing tips and tricks to grow on TikTok. It covered the latest trends, ways to produce engaging content and how collaboration drives engagement.

Similar programs and sessions continue across the UAE by INJAZ all with the common purpose of empowering the youth. Eventually, the world shall be handed over to the youth, who would be responsible for leading it to a successful realm. Thankfully, TikTok and INJAZ are here to guide us all and create the perfect programs for development!

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