Karohat: 5 Reasons Why You Should Listen to The Realistic Podcast

Karohat: An ‘Everything’ Podcast

Produced by the iconic Mai Ibrahim – an Egyptian Blogger rising to fame-, the podcast Karohat explores and discusses multitudinous topics which range from a simple ‘what to do in your free time’ to deep relationship advice. Powerful and humourous too, Mai Ibrahim is a symbol of success and feminism, which is one of the countless reasons why we must all support her through her journey!


Why Should You Listen to Karohat? 

Everything Everywhere All at Once

As aforementioned, Karohat is a multi-topic podcast with a diverse breadth of topics. Only through such a style does the podcast paves its own way to success, aiming to relate on an emotional and mental level with its audience. Nothing will make you listen to the voice of a stranger through a black screen unless you feel understood.

Fortunately, Karohat is rather too experienced at making you feel understood. By way of illustration, episodes such as “Red flags“, “Spending New years with the head of the snake”, and “The Virgin and the white hair“ as well as other cohesively-structured episodes are all somewhat common yet personal guides to deep experiences – truly, everything everywhere all at once.

Your Personal Anthology

Do you know these anthology shows where every episode or season is absolutely irrelevant to the plotline before it yet you have the same cast who are portraying different characters? Well, it’s the same case with that podcast except that every topic is an episode on its own!

One episode could be talking about moving on and the other could be about red flags! Spontaneous yet quite organised and relatable, these episodes drag you into a healthy realm of attitudes you should incorporate when dealing with whatever obstacles come along your way!

No Time is Needed!

With ten episodes and solely one season, listening to the entire podcast will not take you more than a day! Duration usually ranges from 20 minutes to 60 minutes (depending on the topic) which simply means that you can listen to the podcast anywhere: you can listen to it in your car on your way to work or school, while doing laundry or even working out! What makes these podcasts advantageously short is Mai’s explicit attitude as she gets straight to the point!

Some Favourites!

Indeed, one of my personal preferences, when it comes down to the episode rankings, would be ”Red flags”, where Mai addresses a recurrent topic sarcastically with her undeniably strong sense of humour. As she evaluates every possible detail and tip on how to identify the red flags in a person, you somehow feel more enlightened and protected! in a very sarcastic yet beneficial.

With the podcast available on Ipodcasts, Deezer, Anghami, Spotify, Google podcasts and all of the streaming platforms, you have no excuse for not listening to that positively-influential podcast! Mai Ibrahim truly is an expert – how she moves from a victim of these situations to a wise leader is purely a symbol of power.

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