Studying and Ramadan

I know we are all aware of how hard it is to manage work, studying and doing your normal daily routines while fasting for Ramadan. But I know most of us need change, it’s an opportunity to change your life’s routine so either use it correctly, or sink deep down with the deadlines. Studying is fun when you’re putting your mind to it, it can also be cruel if you’re fighting against it. Don’t treat it like it’s a multi-player battle, because it’s not, fight with it not against it, because you’d still have to face it at some point and I know we don’t like being told what to do. So, I’m here to help you with your life changing battle, all along through the journey, now fasten your seatbelts and get ready!

Level one: Plan your week not your day.

I know some of you hate writing to-do lists over and over again, for each day and I also know that some of you love it. Both ways it’s a must. Before planning each day, write a list with your week’s targets, what are you trying to finish? What will take more time? Keep asking yourself these questions. Writing the targets first makes it easier to divide each one on the days of your week, also you have to keep in mind that your energy isn’t hitting the 100% especially in the morning. So, make sure to divide these subjects or tasks correctly according to your energy and priority levels. Because you don’t have top sacrifice your health for studying. 

Level Two: Manage your time

Managing your time is super vital, because once you’re in control of your time things will get smoother. We have 3 cases:

  1. People who study at night between 9:00 pm -4:00 am 
  2. People who study early in the morning between 6:00 am – 3:00 pm 
  3. People who study through the day between 12:00 pm- 5:00pm and completes after iftar. 

For each of these cases, I need you to base your lists on these timings, if you study one hour with your full energy, its much better than studying 6 when You’re paying 0 attention. 

Level Three: Take frequent breaks

Don’t forget your mental health during this holy month, also don’t forget that you have duties to do besides studying. Try to take an hour break every 2 hours of study, and during these breaks try to read Qur’an, Pray, read a novel, practice a sport, communicate with your family and try as much as you can to stay away from your smart phone. Your phone is NOT your best friend through this month, it’s time consuming and energy consuming, I am not asking you to leave it completely, but try to use it when you’re aware that you’ve completely finished your tasks for the day. 

Level Four: Lower your screentime

Use your phone less, unless it’s for something urgent. Social media is super draining, it’s fun when you’re not loaded with tasks. But face it, you are! Compromise your use of the phone and your study time. I know your demons fight you all the time “just 5 min” “just 3” But guess what it’s always 3 hours minimum, why? Because it’s an easy task, you don’t spend your energy or brain on it, you just use 2 senses, eyes and hearing, so time passes by and you never feel it. That’s why if you want to get an A without having to regret it all. LEAVE YOUR PHONE!

Level 5: Eat well and stay hydrated 

I know this may seem weird, but the lack of food and water can affect your studying performance, because it’s literally all connected, it’s like building blocks, you can’t skip levels, you have to build it all one by one. So try as much as you can to eat well and never stop drinking water even if you don’t feel like it. 

Extra Level: For ADHD OR ADD PEOPLE!

I know it’s hard to study, fast and focus at the same time. But try as much as you can to switch between tasks every hour, so you don’t get bored easily. Use different studying methods or “study with me” videos. I also recommend the Pomodoro method, it’s super effective and helps me with studying. One thing you should understand as an ADHD or ADD person is that we are not normal, we are different, so we can’t really adapt to the normal people’s methods, instead we should create our own, because even if we all have the same disorder, we are still different from each other. But different is beautiful and I live by that. Just know you’re not alone and you can do it! 

Some study with me videos I personally use: 


Some routine videos that keep me motivated: 

Studying is never easy, but if you put your mind into it, you’ll definitely win the battle. Just follow the levels and be committed and you’ll thank me later. For any questions or more tips! Our DM’s are always open for everyone. 

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