Our take on Ramadan ADs 2022

Our favorites:

1- Vodaphone

The story is wholesome, and the way it is presented is amazing not to mention that it’s Amr Diab singing!!

2- Orange

As always, Orange Egypt manages to amaze us with its Ads. Their recent Ramadan Rabea ad, featuring Mona Zaky, Nelly Karim, and Dina Elsherbiny, just came out and is already receiving a lot of positive feedback. The vibes of the ad are positive and cheerful, and the fact that they chose to have these women, ones who are loved by Egyptians all around, in the ad, just makes it even better!

3- WE

We absolutely loved the Telecom Egypt AD that featured Yasmin Abdelaziz and Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz! The chemistry between them was amazing, especially since we haven’t seen them together since the film Gawazah Miri, which came out on September 15th, 2014. The AD perfectly portrays the different lifestyles of people in Ramadan now and many years ago, as it plays out the story of a conflict between an old and a young couple, arguing over whether or not Ramadan is the same as it used to be.

4- Madinaty

Unlike previous years, there was no degrading of other parts of Egypt & residential areas to improve their own! Not to mention that this year Karim Abdelaziz shared beautiful chemistry with the kid starring in the AD


Our not so favorites:

1- Dice

The new Dice AD, which came out in April 2022, is, to put it simply, a disgrace. The Supreme Council for the Organization of Media in Egypt confirmed that the AD is contrary to public morals and violates the code of ethics, which states that no disrespect or harm should come to people, and it violates the code of drama and advertising. The Office of the Supreme Council for the Organization of Media has announced the suspension of the Dice AD.

2- Bareed Masr

Maybe I missed the idea but how is Amr Diab running around doing exercises you normally would see Mo Salah doing related to Egypt post?

3- Banque Masr

Even though Banque Misr switching things up in their latest ad and featuring Shereen Abdel Wahab was a nice move, we have to say we miss seeing Mahmoud ElEsseily as the lead in their ads. His unique voice and the strong positive vibes he gives off are everything we look for in an ad. Plus, we’re simply so used to seeing him in the Banque Misr ads that the change was a bit unexpected. The bigger problem about it though were the words said at the very beginning of the ad, “ya maafer” – which translate to sedulous in English, describing someone who fights and doesn’t give up – which were heard by many people as “ya maafen” – which translates to “rotten”.

Edited by: Nour Hosny

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